Tawk.to Review 2020: Pros-Cons, Analysis, Alternatives & More

Tawk.to is the messaging and live chat support application that aims at the successful communication between the businesses and their customers. Intuitive and modern, it was created for helping you to find a well-organized way for bridging the communication gap and is offered for free. With its help, you can monitor and chat with your customers without any hassle. Check out the Tawk Review 2020 to know how this platform permits you to reach out to the clients directly from your mobile app, website, or a personalized page. Set it up in a minute or two, and immediately create shortcuts, add your people, and check your performance in analytics.

Along with the service of live chat, Tawk.to provides you with many other features that permit you for the customization of your page and interacting with the website visitors with triggers. As you are allowed to begin the live chat with your consumers, and instantly send replies along with shortcuts, it doesn’t take long for you as well as your business becoming a hit with the valued customers. Also, this app lets you give full attention to the customers by maintaining proper engagement with them through automated triggers. One can also use the message sneak-peek feature and be prepared to answer the visitor’s questions even before they ask. 

Tawk.to Chat

Once you are done with the setup, it is time to handle the live chat. Regarding the same, the first and foremost thing about it is that the chats are treated like the calls. The new chat’s notification sound is the ringing phone’s sound and it keeps on ringing until someone handles it. 

Also, the chats do not start automatically. If you do not pick it up, they will stay in limbo. Anybody is allowed to handle the chat, however, it could turn out to be a little inconvenient when it comes to bigger implementations.

Considered as the Best Chat Software, Tawk.to gives its agents the option of either directly messaging the customer or sending the whisper that will only be visible to the other chat agents. The latter one allows the participation of many agents in the same chat as well as coordination in a manner that cannot be seen by the customer. 

User Interface

The UI of this app constitutes all the important components which you would expect from the live chat application. Different sections are allotted for going through the visitor’s details, chatting, and choosing different chats respectively. There is also a section that permits you to add important notes about the customers so that the next time, the assigned chat agent can easily resolve his/her query.

But, some elements of the User Interface appeared to be out of place. For instance, the tag button, through which you can tag the chats by type, felt out of place in the app’s bottom right. It was really strange given that the added tags will appear in the application’s different part. 

Pros and Cons of Tawk

Tawk.to is a free-of-cost live chat solution which can be used for providing real-time support to your website visitors. For $0, advanced functionality is offered like user’s behavior monitoring, ticketing system, mobile, and desktop app as well as chat surveys. If you want, you can also avail the benefits of paid features like sharing of the screen with the visitors or the video chats. However, as they say, every coin has 2 sides and so this software has also some demerits which will be discussed in this Tawk Review

Pros – 

  1. With the help of this live chat software, it becomes really easy to deliver real-time and personalized customer service
  2. Monitor traffic on the website and always be there for the clients
  3. Proactively initiate the chat with the app users and website visitors
  4. Unlock the new frictionless channel for the conversational commerce
  5. Tawk.to is free and that is why it is considered as the great option for those small companies that wish to give the option of live chat a shot 
  6. All the primary tools for the first live chat are provided to the users
  7. Sheer painless implementation
  8. The feature of notes permits you for keeping a track of the previous contacts with the customers 
  9. Gives a major boost to the lead generation activity

Any company’s success is dependent upon 2 vital requirements i.e., quality of the provided service or product as well as their efficiency in terms of catering the customers’ needs. These organizations employ staff and use every available communication outlet only to be capable of meeting the requirements. Tawk.to plays the role of an approach for the professional service as it ensures the fact that you are always accessible to your customers whenever they need you the most. 

With Tawk.to, setting up an account becomes easy and you can also personalize its widgets as well as change attention bubbles, customized upload, and chat colors. For making it completely organized to the brand, use the feature of ‘remove branding’ and insert your brand name and make it look professional and original.

Cons – 

  1. Limited integrations with external tools
  2. For the first time users, it might be a bit complicated to use Tawk.to
  3. Old fashioned outline
  4. The fact that it is free also means that there is no guarantee that it will work or you will be helped in the right manner
  5. No analytics for the offline user
  6. Chat initiation cannot be automated on the behalf of a free agent, only the bot message is available
  7. A limited amount of analytics as one can only see the number of chats, visitors, and viewed pages. 


This Tawk Review not only talks about it being free but also informs the users about the rich functionality as well such as – 

  • Triggers send to the visitors while they are browsing
  • Customize the user’s visitor widget for suiting his site
  • Geo IP tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High Load Dashboard
  • Ticketing system for dealing with the chat later
  • Localize messages and greeting in the customer’s language
  • Track engagement
  • Remove branding
  • Access to the profiles of users with behavior analytics and chat history
  • Detailed reporting
  • Canned shortcuts
  • Voice and Video add-on 
  • Round the clock support
  • 100+ integrations

And a lot more.

Tawk.to Integrations

There is a reason why Tawk.to is regarded as the Best Ticketing Software as it integrates with some famous services – 

Website Building – permits the user to embed Tawk.to window on his website using the plug-in. 

  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace

E-commerce – user can embed the chat on his store page using the plug-in.

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart

Top 6 Tawk.to Alternatives – 

  1. Freshdesk

It is the cloud-based helpdesk software that smoothens customer interactions across the multiple channels such as phone and email. Freshdesk also enables faster collaboration along with the user’s support team to provide quick responses to the customer. In addition to powerful features, it also offers an easy-to-use interface and the freemium pricing model.

Merits of Freshdesk – 

  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable and highly flexible
  • Able to store huge amount of information

Demerits of Freshdesk – 

  • Does not work well with the page translations
  • A bit slow to reach ROI
  • Expensive as compared to Tawk.to
  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is the suite of several support apps that assists convert your client service into the agents for lead source and customer retention. Having one of the most adaptable plan structures, it is an ideal option for the business of any size. This live chat solution includes chat, customer service, knowledgebase modules, and call center solution that can be separately upgraded by the users.

Merits of Zendesk – 

  • Great customer support
  • Quick implementation
  • Clean software that is devoid of the extra stuff

Demerits of Zendesk – 

  • The widget update only permits for the option to use email support or chat as both of them cannot be used at the same time 
  • Can prove to be a bit expensive for the small-scale companies
  • It does not include enterprise features such as change as well as asset management
  1. Salesforce Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is the social client service app, built on the SaaS model that authorizes companies for managing all service needs and customer information. One of the topmost Tawk Alternates, it helps you in getting reliable and faster case resolution. You can conveniently deliver the smarter service along with the complete view of every customer and resolve the issues across any channel.

Merits of Salesforce Service Cloud – 

  • Extensible software that can be configured for doing a lot of things
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Social capabilities

Demerits of Salesforce Service Cloud – 

  • Times out and freezes a couple of times in one day
  • Complexity
  • Uncontrolled administration
  1. Pure Chat

This live chat software helps the mid-sized and small organizations to engage the website visitors and increase their customer traffic. Pure Chat gets integrated with a range of website management platforms that includes Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify. Interfaces for both agents and customers include a lot of customization options for ensuring that it matches the feel and look of the businesses’ website.

Merits of Pure Chat – 

  • Instant and leaves no room for lagging in the responses
  • Fast and effective
  • Easy to set up and manage

Demerits of Pure Chat – 

  • Generation of the transcripts in Word Doc or a PDF rather than the .txt file would be convenient
  • There is no global setting and the user needs to remove the code in case he does not want the chat to be shown on a particular page
  • Limited Customization
  1. LiveAgent

This award-winning helpdesk chat and support platform helps the businesses in providing better client service across all the communication channels which include chat, phone, and email. It blends multiple channels into a compact and single package. This live chat solution has email support, social media integration, and live chat. LiveAgent offers features like POP3 accounts, Gamification and statuses etc.

Merits of LiveAgent – 

  • Manage the social channels with ease
  • Easy-to-implement software
  • Availability of many customizable features

Demerits of LiveAgent –

  • Room for some modifications in the interface of the mobile app
  • Support can also be improved for the self-hosted solution
  • Short cuts in the rich text area are conflicting with the ones in-the app
  1. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is the client communication platform mixing email marketing automation, the help desk, and live chat in a single solution. It helps sales, marketing, and support teams to convert and acquire leads as well as to support their clients. This live chat solution is the most suitable option for e-commerce, SaaS, and other kinds of online companies.

Merits of HelpCrunch – 

  • Plenty of features like emails and online chats
  • Contemporary Interface
  • Targeted messages

Demerits of HelpCrunch – 

  • Not Customizable
  • Availability of fewer languages
  • Not integrated with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

After a thorough Tawk Analysis, it can be deduced that this software provides the users with a decent list of features for the free application. It was developed with a modern feel and intuitive interface that assists you in looking for an effective way to bridge the gap of communication. Tawk.to is equipped with unlimited agents as well as group features that permit your company to monitor the visitor traffic. In case there is a shortage of the available active agents, you will be able to attend multiple visitors at a time. 

Honestly, it is really difficult for one to believe that you get all the functionality in one package without having to pay anything but with Tawk.to, this is possible. Specifically for all those small-scale companies looking forward to trying the concept of live chat, it is suggested to not wait anymore and get started with Tawk.to.