Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions beyond the DeskMoz FAQs? Feel free to jump on a chat with us 24x7.

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Please follow these simple steps to sign-up:

  • Please click on this link to sign-up:
  • You will receive an activation link on your Email account. Click on that link. (Check for the line in SPAM if it’s not found in your inbox)
  • Upon clicking that link, you will be taken to the DeskMoz’s dashboard web page.
  • Inside DeskMoz’s dashboard, you will find a code from Setup > Paste the Code. Simply paste that code right before the closing “</body>” tag on all the pages you would like the chat tool to appear on.
  • Click on FAQs tab inside DeskMoz’s dashboard and provide some FAQs which you think your website’s visitors may ask our agents.
  • Based on your information, we will train our agents and will make them live in less than 48 hours.

We normally provide 10 days free trial from the day we put our agents live on your website.

You need to provide us most common questions along with their answers, which you think visitors may ask our agents. It is suggested that you should fill them as you know more about your business better than anyone else.

We have very high respect for the work we do. We give equal importance to our chat agents so that they can enjoy all the important festivals with their families. Moreover, we have only 11 scheduled offs, which comes out to be 3% only. For remaining 350+ days, we have record uptime of 99.9%.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer carry-forward because it puts our chat to Chat Agent deployment ratio out of order.

Yes, we can use any other live chat software. We will charge US$ 49/month extra as we have to maintain another login for all the three shifts, every day.

In Advanced Customization, we take a step forward to provide you maximum modification our tool can afford. We can change the color of buttons, position of widget and any other possible CSS level customization.

Under white labeling, we will remove our brand’s name from widget as well as chats/leads transcripts. Your visitors/customers will never know if you have outsourced services to DeskMoz.

Do not worry if you have exceeded the number of allotted leads/chats. We will not shut down the services. After the end of the month, we will send you an invoice for the exceeded chats/leads, which you can confirm in next 7 days.

Yes, we can certainly do that. Please confirm the services you need and we can surely come up with a custom made plan for you. You can Email your queries to [email protected]

You can always contact the assigned dedicated manager on Skype or Email.

Sorry, but we believe in one price and top quality of services.

No, there is no contract. It’s a month to month policy, which you can cancel at any time. As we have to allocate resources (agents) in advance so we can’t refund any amount, which we have already received.

Of course Yes! We have agents working in multiple shifts. We have 99.9% online uptime record. We work on weekends and that’s our speciality. We are committed for 350+ days working (we keep 11+ holidays during the year for festivals or any unforeseen situations)

No credit card details will be needed. It will only be needed while upgrading your account from free trial account to paid account after your trial period is ended

Our prices are based on the number of leads or chats. You can use our services for off-hours and weekend support. But, for this, you have to provide us with your LiveChat software’s login credentials. Also, it will cost US$ 49/month extra as we have to manage additional login for all the three shifts.

After you fill the business FAQs under your login area, we will make our agents study your website, your products, your organization, and most importantly we will train them for the business FAQs you have filled. We will make sure that they answer them like someone from your company would have done.

The Chat Agents’ training starts with a comprehensive introduction about your business & the website, by our Training Team. Under the core training, the Agents are first trained on the macros, such as your Products/ Services, Pricing etc. & then on the micros, such as the products’/ services’ minute details, return policies, discounting etc. We ensure that the Chat Agents come completely prepared on your website.

No problem! Either share us the contact details of your web master or share the FTP details of your website. Rest, leave everything onto us.

We keep a very close and strict monitoring of every chat conversations made by our agents. All the chats would also be emailed to you, real time.

Whenever a visitor engages with our agent through chatting for any type of query, we count that chat session as one chat. It doesn’t matter how long that chat conversation goes, but that will always be counted as one.

Yes! You can check the lead/chat counts and all chat transcripts under your login area.

We are based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Currently, we have 125+ experts & agents ready to help you 24×7.

In the case of cancellation, either drop us an Email or visit your PayPal account and cancel the subscription through there. We need at least three working days to process the cancellation.

Yes, you can do that. Your chats will be adjusted accordingly. Please contact your manager after upgrading your account.

Our agents are professionally trained and they actually put efforts in converting visitors to customers. As soon as we find any prospects from the chat visitors, we will send you their contact details.

Every single chat will be E-mailed in real time on your registered Email ID. You can check from the chat transcripts whether the visitor has properly responded or not. We can assure you that every visitor is equally important to us, and we will respond him like your company staff members would have responded.

We provide 24×7 chat agents services, and we work in three different shifts; so there is no time barrier for our services. We have been working in the industry for the last 12 years and dealing with various clients from all over the world.

We appoint chat agents as per your chat plan and your website requirements. Minimum six agents work for a single website in our starter plan.

Yes, it is very much safe and secure. You enter your payment’s details on PayPal website as you will pay through PayPal, and it is the most trusted payment gateway worldwide. All your transactions will be safe and secure through PayPal.

First of all, it will not happen. We have trained experienced chat agent. They will answer on basis of the FAQs provided by you. If any visitor asks any question which is not provided by you, we will ask you for the answer or provide the contact details of the visitor to you, so that you can directly contact with your prospect customer. If any incorrect detail is given to the visitor, we will guide the agent and take proper steps.

No, chat transcript cannot be edited. It is automatically sent on your registered Email ID by live chat software system. There is no human intervention in chat transcript.

No, you cannot see the chat while chat agent is engaged in chatting. You can get the chat transcript, once the chat is completed.

We have been working for the last 12 years. We have high values and business ethics. We don’t do such petty things. If we do that, you will never pay us again and we don’t want to lose a client like you.

We have trained and experienced chat agents. We are delivering chat agent service in mostly all industries. Our agents know what kinds of questions your visitor can ask. The agents will also be trained for your FAQs. Our manager will study those FAQs and analyze your website. Accordingly we will train our agents, and make your services live within 48 hours.

DeskMoz’s free trial does not have any limitations. We offer same services in free trial, as we offer in Economy Plan.

Yes, we can definitely send chat invitations (proactive chats). It helps in getting more leads.

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