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Industries We Hold Sheer Expertise In

How We Solve your Gravest Growth Challenges

We are a one-point solution that has been tried & tested for over 18 years for the most tedious obstacles of modern businesses.

Genuine, Helpful Customer Support

For each in-house professional customer service agent we handpick, we reject 3. Besides other criteria, the most important one is how passionate & dedicated are they about delivering solutions right in the first interaction.

Qualified, Sales Lead Generation

What separates us from the crowd is our belief that not every pre-sales interaction can be called a sales lead. We ask them the right questions & go to great lengths to ensure that only the best leads get pushed to your pipeline.

Miscellaneous, Back Office Tasks

We are a jack of all back office trades & a master of them. Outbound correspondence, CRM-CMS management, report preparation, vendor communication, cross-team coordination, record maintenance; you name it.

Features That Inspire The Industry

Our suite of next-generation features means that your business thrives & you stay on top of everything.

24×7 Chat Agents

We understand how important it is to get visitors to your Website! Every Visitor is a probable Customer. Let our Chat Agents remain online round the clock and increase your sales.

Free Software

Our customer support outsourcing service comes with free live chat software. Already using any other live chat software e.g. Zopim, Intercom, or Olark? We can work on it! We recommend Live Chat.

Free Setup

We will help you with the onboarding process. In case, you don’t know how to do that, we will take care of it. We will make your account live and won’t charge a penny for it. No Setup Fees!

Customized Plans

Every business is a different business, some are seasonal, and some are not. Our plans can be tailor-made as per the requirements. You can always get them customized.

Personal Manager

You will have a dedicated real human being from the very first day you sign-up with us. Your manager will help you with everything from setup to billing to renewal.

Chat Transcripts

All chats will be sent real-time to your Email. You can always see what our chat agents are chatting. You are welcome to guide them so that they can generate more sales.

Online in 48 Hours

You sign-up, fill in the FAQs, put the code on your website & that’s it. We will train our Agents in 48 hours and make them live on your website. That’s the fastest in the outsourced live chat service industry.

Best Dashboard

You can always see all your chats, account details, and the total number of chats our Agents have done for you. Everything at one place on your personal dashboard!

24×7 Support

For any query, you may contact your assigned manager, and we also have 24×7 support for you when your manager is not available and you are in a rush.

Easiest Setup Process!

No technical skills needed. Flexible and swift implementation.

Sign Up

We all wish to try first & pay later. That’s exactly what you get with us too. Try 10 days absolutely free trial. Without making any commitments or attaching any strings, whatsoever.

Explore the service quality. If everything seems super amazing, get on board with a paid plan.

If we fail to leave you awestruck (which, data says, will not happen) then all you need to do is remove the chat widget code. 🙂

Effortless Setup

Our 18 years of experience enabled us to understand pretty much every industry in & out. What it has also taught us is that one size doesn’t fit all.

To tailor your customized live chat success approach, let your Assigned Manager reach out to you to understand everything about your business at this step.

Just throw everything that you can ideate to your Assigned Manager & on the basis of that, a custom success strategy will be drafted.

Upon your approval, Chat Agents training will be started.

Agent Training

We have got over 150 in-house live chat experts & keeps an ample amount of them on stand-by mode 24x7 to offer instant help to urgent projects.

This dynamic pool of the industry’s best resources enables us to handpick & train the Chat Agents round the clock.

The training is generally completed in just 24 to 48 hours followed by super-quick chat widget embedment.

And Done!

That is all about it. Our highly experienced, professionally vetted & proficiently trained Chat Agents are live on your website.

You can just sit back, relax and focus on growing your business while your support reps here take your first contact resolution and customer satisfaction notches above.

The success story starts here.

Glimpses of our Insightful Dashboard

Everything you & your team need to measure & scale the growth.

The home page of the dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of the progress.

The top boxes show the count of chats, sales leads, support tickets & other chats.

On the left, you can see the performance matrix i.e. uptime, CSAT, FRT & ART.

The Vitals graph shows the volume pattern for your chats, leads & tickets.

It also shows recent chats & which countries are people chatting from.

Inbox shows the chat transcripts of the interactions our Chat Agents had with your website visitors.

Scroll down to the bottom of the chat transcripts & you can share feedback with the Chat Agents & notes with your team members.

From the left menu, you can filter out the conversations on the basis of status, type & rating.

On the right pane, you cam see other pieces of information linked with the chat & other conversations (if any) with the same visitor.

The reports option lets you view & download the performance data on the basis of pretty much every parameter possible.

Since it is a multi user dashboard, you can have your executives fetch the progress report directly from here.

Also, you can plan any & every report to be emailed to you & your team as per the schedule you want.

Manual entry is a thing of past.

DeskMoz’s powerful dashboard integrates with all the renowned apps via Zapier.

With integration, you can push chats, leads & tickets & their associated data to any app.

If your desired app is not listed on Zapier, our in-house team of experienced Web Developers will develop a custom native integration for you.

DeskMoz offers a wide range of easy to upgrade & downgrade pricing plans.

These pricing plans meet the requirements of businesses of each & every type & size.

You can opt for a Dedicated Chat Agents based, Shared Chat Agents based & FAQs based pricing plan from here.

The payment is collected via PayPal.

Setup section enables you to set up your account right from 1 easy place.

Here, you can find your chat widget code & define which type of chat transcript should be emailed to whom.

You can also customize your chat widget interface & functionalities to match your website & requirements.

The ‘Custom Training’ sub-section is the place you upload & update the training resources from.

Our Happy Clients Are Our Best Advocates

We are serving over 300+ smiling clients from across the globe. Here are the shiny bits of that iceberg which stick out above the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case we missed anything, we are all ears, eyes & fingers on our 24x7 live chat support.

The training process is simple, swift & highly effective.

All you need to do is provide us with the training material such as FAQs, videos, product/ service manuals, etc.

Our experienced Training Team starts analyzing the FAQs to boil them down to questions & answers.

If Training Team comes across any questions, they will schedule calls with you to add more clarity.

Only when they have understood everything about your business, they will proceed towards training our in-house Customer Support Executives.

The training process usually takes up to 48 hours.

Your business data is absolutely safe with us. Your business is much more profitable for us in comparison to any data we have access to.

Even if the data turns out to be more valuable in monetary terms, our ethos don’t allow us to budge from our data security principles. So, you can bank on us.

With the rapid expansion of technology & ease of business, outsourcing today is the cheapest then it ever was.

With 24x7 service pricing plans starting from $199, you surely get full bang for each buck.

The outsourcing process is super easy & completely hassle-free.

In fact, we don’t even ask for your credit card details or any type of commitment. Just sign-up & explore our service.

We take a great deal of pride in the fact that all of our staff members are our full time employees & we never outsource the process further to a different company.

Everything is done & looked after only by our full time staff which works right from our office under our supervision.

Yes, we commit 99% uptime, 45 seconds’ First Response Time & 45 seconds’ Average Response Time.

Outsourcing customer service is highly efficient when done with us. For as low as $199 per month, you get a 24x7 professional chat support service. Can you believe this converts to just 27 cents per hour?

You’re ready to grow. Now what?

Now, let’s swerve to the fast lane & put our best men on the job.

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Choose a convenient time slot & let our experts clear out all the questions & doubts over a call.

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