Holiday Calendar

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

We love our clients, and we equally love our agents. We understand that providing 24×7 support is not an easy job. We keep our offices open during all the good as well as bad seasons. We make sure that we have enough motivated and energetic agents to serve our clients without compromising quality.

With keeping the same pace and mission, we just keep our office closed for 10-15 days during whole year i.e. just 3% of the complete year considering we have over 99% uptime record for remaining committed 350+ days! So that our efficient and committed agents can celebrate festivals and spend time with their families too. Below is the calendar for our next scheduled off:

2018 – Scheduled Off Calendar

25th December

31st December

2019 – Scheduled Off Calendar

1st January

14th January

26th January

21st March

6th May

15th August

2nd October

27th – 28th October

25th December

31st December

* Above are the 10 holidays in a year. We have reserved 4 holidays for Elections or any Emergency. Though, we never took these 4 holidays in the past.
* We don’t take more than 2 consecutive holidays in any case.