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DeskMoz is a 18 years experienced team of 300+ human live chat agents & professionals which offers exemplary 24x7 live chat customer support & sales leads generation service to businesses of all sizes, across the globe & throughout the industries. You don't need to worry about DeskMoz chat agents' hiring, increments or firing.

Quick Intro

Staff members transferred internally usually struggle because they lack the required skillsets & experience and the ones hired specifically to manage live chat support from your office don't get professional training, 24x7 infrastructure and the costs and efforts associated with hiring, firing and increments are not worth it.


Simple & Swift

DeskMoz is a team of 200+ experienced chat agents & professionals. To get the impeccable managed live chat agents team live on your website for 24x7, DeskMoz is the only resource you need to hire & manage. Rest everything is brought & setup by DeskMoz itself, that too free of cost.

Hiring Human Resource; Chat Agents

Tedious & Tangled

A bare minimum of the process entails hiring chat agents, interviewing them, negotiating remuneration, completing background verification & sadly, that’s just one part of an enormous process. You could also think about transferring existing team members but that’s also an uphill trek.

All Inclusive

DeskMoz not only comes jam-packed with the most advanced version of all the required software & tools but has also developed many other technical resources to maximize its effectiveness for your business, such as real-time SMS notifications & integrations. The chat tool on your website is also setup & customized for free.

Procuring Technical Resource; Tools & Software

All Exclusive

Hiring chat agents alone is not even a half job done. You will also need to dig into internet research to find the best live chat software, knowledgebase software & ticketing software as these are the basic resources your own staff will need. Setting all these tools in a tandem is yet another arduous task.

24 to 48 Hours

DeskMoz Chat Agents come with hands-on experience of the most advanced tools & live chat practices. For their training, all you need to provide is a set of FAQs. Rest everything is taken care of by our highly experienced training team.

Training Chat Agents

Much Longer Time

Your own staff is required to be trained for A-Z of your business & ins & outs of the software they need to work on. Let alone acing live chat skills in a week or month as that comes with much longer experience.


97% of The Year

DeskMoz chat agents stay available on your website 24x7 (350+ days) with a commitment of 99% uptime. Imagine the growth possibilities when you’re prospect customers & current customers are professionally attended 97% of the year.


25% of The Year

At best, your own staff could stay available on the website for 8 to 12 hours on the weekdays. Reckon the business you could lose from the prospect customers & current customers you fail to attend 75% of the year.

Pro Level

Live chat support is no less than an art wherein the visitors & customers are impressed real time by probing accurately, responding appositely, being non-robotic, being empathetic & responding timely on each of the multiple concurrent chats. All that requires experience & professional skill sets of live chat support. DeskMoz chat agents are delivering all that to over 300 global clients for over 18 years now.

Experience & Professionalism

Pre Level

While trying to manage chat support with their own staff, companies mostly end up deploying novice or college dropouts for such a critical part of their business. Just like any other customer support & lead generation medium, live chat comes with its own set of rules, performance parameter & best practices. The result of overlooking them reflects well in the nose diving on page conversion, sales lead generation & customer satisfaction.

Continual & Automatic

Your product/ service features keep updating with the time & the support scenarios keeps improvising along the way. DeskMoz’s professional team is equipped with an advanced native knowledge system which syncs real time with the FAQs you share through DeskMoz dashboard. This ensures that DeskMoz chat agents stay up to date with your developments 24x7.

Ongoing Learning & Training

Scattered & Manual

Your internal staff may often get too occupied with the day to day chat support that they miss to pause & observe the daily updates of your business. Mostly internally staffed chat agents work at the same level & don’t get dedicated supervision which is a must have to ensure their performance is aligned with the company. As a result, wrong information goes out through them.

By Professional QA & Software

All of the 200 live chat agents & professionals at DeskMoz work right under one roof under professional supervision. The best advantage of working that way is the absolute quality assurance we get to implement.

Quality Assurance

Underplayed & Overlooked

Internally staffed chat agents mostly work in an unstructured manner wherein the prime target is to just meet the daily chat support onslaught, hence quality assurance remains deprived of the required attention and resources.

Real Time 24x7

DeskMoz dashboard comes loaded with real time updated performance reports on all the quality parameter you could ask for. This includes reports on chat count, lead count, ticket count, response time, chat rating, chat geography, Google Analytics analysis to mention a few. For everything else, you get a Dedicated Manager.

Performance Reporting

Disorganized & Systemless

Internally staffed chat agents don’t come with the experience & skills required to measure & report the performance. This in turn causes more harm than benefits as it might lead your live chat approach towards a completely wrong direction without a trace. What can’t be measured, can’t be improved. Old saying, still sticks.


DeskMoz always keeps ample amount of trained workforce on stand by mode to accommodate any amount of chats your website could suddenly get. The free of cost extra chat agents can be removed later when the surge settles.

Workforce Adjustments


Internal staff mostly ends up witnessing hiring & firing during the highs & lows of the seasonal businesses. This not only hinders your image as a brand & an employer but also gets you tied down with yet another task.

Pro Active

DeskMoz maintains a systematic backup physical facility to keep the service intact even during the contingencies.

A Rainy Day


Running a 24x7 internally staffed physical facility is itself an arduous task, let alone managing a backup for contingencies.


Nice on Budget

USD 199/ month is all you need for 24x7 fully managed professional live chat agents. Just imagine the perks of no compliances cost for hiring new employees, no increments, no bonus, no operational costs, no week offs, no recruitments costs, no training costs & no costs of a ton of other XYZ things it takes.

What’s Your Call?

Blows The Budget

Now just imagine paying for & managing all that with your internal staff.:)

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