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Get comprehensive customer support with every purchase of Ledger Live, where you're taken care of and supported from technical issues down to questions about your transactions.


FAQ Based Support

US$ 199/Month
  • 20 FAQs
  • FAQ Based Support
  • 1 Website
  • US$ 6/Extra Chat
  • 24x7 (350+ days)


Custom Trained Agents

US$ 399/Month
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Custom Trained Agents
  • 1 Website
  • US$ 4/Extra Chat
  • 24x7 (350+ days)


Dedicated Chat Agents

For Custom Requirements
  • Dedicated Agents like your own staff
  • Dedicated Training & Onboarding
  • Top-Tier Account Support
  • Custom Reporting & Analysis
  • Unlimited Chats*
Features Professional Premium Enterprise
Agents' Availability- 24x7 (350+ Days)
Free Live Chat Software
Free Setup
Agents' Type Shared Chat Agents Shared Chat Agents Dedicated Chat Agents
Training Methodology FAQ Based Support Custom Full Training Custom Full Training
Instant Chat Transcripts
Lead & Ticket Forwarding Via SMS & Email
Turnaround Time Upto 48 Hours Upto 48 Hours Upto 72 Hours
Availability 24x7 (350+ Days)
Chat Agents Type Shared Chat Agents Shared Chat Agents Dedicated Chat Agents
Experienced, In-House Agents
Chat Agents' Count 6 Shared Chat Agents 6 Shared Chat Agents As Per your Requirements
Methodology FAQ Based Support Custom Full Training Custom Full Training
FAQs Count 20 FAQs Unlimited FAQs Unlimited FAQs
Live Training Sessions
Previous Chat Transcripts
Training Manuals
Support Videos
Website Knowledgebase
Website Study
Backend/CMS Access
Daily Chat Reviews Weekly
Ideal Avg. First Response Time < 45 Seconds < 60 Seconds
Ideal Average Response Time < 45 Seconds < 60 Seconds
Uptime > 99%
Chat Rating Data
Updates' Daily Discussion
Training Quizzes Monthly
One Point Contact
Quality Analyst
Free Chat Software for Website
Free Chat Software for Apps
Free Setup
Bring Your Own Chat Software for US$ 49/Month No Extra Cost
Theme Based Design & Colors
Custom Branding
Proactive Chat Invitations
Prechat Survey Customization
Direct Chat Link
Page Wise Custom Greetings
Google Analytics Data
SLA Data
Chat Rating Data
Chat Traffic Source Data
Chat Geography Data
Website Visitor Tracking
Multi-User Dashboard
Zapier Integration
Native Integration
Facebook Page Support
Contract 1 Month 1 Month 6 Months
Monthly Reporting

We make custom plans too.

For medium & large organizations with advanced needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process is simple & swift. Here are the quick steps:

1. Submit the following free trial form

2. Click on the activation link that we emailed you & access your DeskMoz dashboard.

Your DeskMoz dashboard shows you great insights on a lot touchpoints & the data can be easily exported. So, take a moment to explore & maybe appreciate our brainchild.

3. Share the FAQs for Chat Agents' training in your convenient formats either from your DeskMoz dashboard or just email them to [email protected].

10 days free trial's countdown starts only when the Chat Agents go live. So, there is no rush. Entire process is self-paced.

Our Training Team will analyse them & if required, discuss them with you over calls & emails before setting up your knowledgebase in your DeskMoz dashboard for you & the Chat Agents.

4. Embed our free live chat software by copying the chat widget's code which is a small, simple & highly secured JavaScript. It integrates well with thousands of apps via Zapier & native integrations. So, the data sharing is seamless.

Alternatively, bring your own live chat software.

5. Your Onboarding Manager will stay in touch with you throughout the process & at this point, will confirm how soon will our Chat Agents' training get completed & they get deployed to your website.

Whole process generally takes 48 hours from the moment you start sharing FAQs i.e. training material.

6. When the Chat Agents go live, feel free to test their knowledge by yourself by running test chats.

Chat transcripts are emailed & texted to you & updated in your DeskMoz dashboard right when each chat gets completed. Feel free to share feedback from your DeskMoz dashboard.

If you feel like making any changes in Chat Agents' responses, feel free to update your DeskMoz dashboard's knowledgebase & the Chat Agents will get notified real-time.

For anything else, feel free to drop a message or schedule a call with your one point contact at DeskMoz.

No, the 10 days trial is absolutely free. You don't need to share the credit card details. No strings attached.

We completely understand that each business has its own high & low periods. We allow you to downgrade, upgrade, pause or cancel at your ease.

No problem at all. Please schedule a call with us & one of our Live Chat Experts will understand your requirements to suggest the best type of plan.

You can then sign-up for the 10 days completely free trial to calculate the chat volume for the next 10 days for completely free.

This is how you will know the most suitable plan type & volume.

No, the 10 days counter starts when Chat Agents' training gets completed & the chat widget gets embedded.

You can sign-up now to log into your DeskMoz dashboard & explore it. You can upload the FAQs whenever they are ready.

The chances are next to none because we always leave our clients awestruck during the 10 days free trial.

However, if you wish not to continue after the free trial, just drop us a message & we will put our Chat Agents offline. If you opted for our free live chat software, you can easily remove it as it is a simple & small Java Script.

Didn't find the information you were looking for? Let's discuss it over our 24x7 live chat. 🙂

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