The Best Customer Service Practices for 2019 & 2020

Once upon a time companies and brands would invest a significant part of the budget to advertising. They would spend only a minor portion of the budget to customer support, but over the time this changed. Today the Best Customer Support Practices are just as much, if not more, important than an advertisement. 

It is believed that word of mouth is the best promotion out there. Studies have shown that a happy customer will recommend a brand or service to six more people and an unsatisfied customer will inform thirteen people against a service. These figures show that an unimpressed customer is bad press and this idea has only strengthened with the advent of social media where people are very open and pointed about bad business experiences.  Hence, keeping your clients and customers satisfied has become important, in addition to extending one’s business. 

Today’s word is highly customer-centric. Good customer care means keeping old clients and building a strong network based on user testimonies. It is the best PR one can ever hope to achieve. As companies are putting more and more money in CRM (customer relation management), HR (human resources), and customer care, the business industry is also coming up with innovations to support it. Things like live chats are an example of how redressal forums are evolving to suit all our needs in a way that matches lifestyle. Several brands are adopting these measures as soon as they can so that they score an edge over the others. 

Before making strides in grievance redressal or client support system, here are few things that a company must consider before taking on any advanced ways or installing the latest customer support mechanism. Some of these things are: 

  •   Are your return and refund policy up to date?
  •   Is your return and refund policy understandable?
  •   Are your redressal methods accessible?
  •   Is your F&Q section up to date and fully informed?
  •   Are your business guidelines fully understandable? 
  •   Where is your existing customer support system lacking? 
  •   Are you aware of your client base? 

Once you have answers to the above mentioned questions, you can then undertake other steps to improve your redressal mechanism. Here are some of the most popular and efficient measures that one should take to have a healthy consumer support system.

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Be on the correct platforms: According to experts, more than 80 percent of business executives believe that customer service is the defining factor of what separates their brand from others. In other words, it is now a major differentiator between businesses. 

A major part of a population that has purchasing power is the youth and the millennial generation. This section of society spends most of its time online. It prefers e-banking and digital payments over other means or hard cash. This means that if a business is catering to the youth then they must have a presence on social media and other important digital platforms. Their customer base will be using their service online, rather than coming to an actual store. The crux of this point is that: a business should be available on platforms and places that are not just accessible but even preferred by their clients. This will lead to improved sales and help one establish their brand’s presence online. 

Use visual communication: The rule about the importance of first impression stands true for enterprises and businesses. Especially in today’s attention deficient world, it is of prime importance that a brand arrests the attention of its customers. According to various studies, an artwork or advertisement has 8 seconds to make an impression before the person gets distracted. Studies have shown that visual IQ is rising more than other kinds of IQs.  

The most efficient way to make an impression and impact is by using visual tools. Many impact assessment studies have shown that people remember just 20 percent of what they read if the text lacks any visuals. To make an impression the person must communicate visually. If your company’s customer care service is based on text-based customer care responses then chances are the assistance that they are providing is not as efficient as it can be.

To make their text-based help more effective a brand can employ a few visual mediums and tools to make an impact:

  • One can make use of screenshots to accompany text messages. Screenshots can better guide a customer about what steps they have to take next. 
  • One can annotate and mark on images to instruct a customer about what steps to follow. 
  • One can also use GIFs to demonstrate step by step instructions to show how directions are to be followed. 
  • The ultimate customer support can be a live web-cam supported assistance or a video response where the company representative can show the steps that need to be followed by replicating the steps and showing them via a video. 
  • Today there are many apps that a company can easily adapt to integrate features such as GIFs, videos, and screenshots. 

Personalize your service and response: The statistics and studies have shown that more than 50 percent customers and more than 80 percent of customer care experts believe that customized customer care has a positive effect in consolidating customer loyalty. A company should make their every customer feel special. If a company has records about its customers then personalization is not very hard. 

Small steps such as wishing your clients on their birthday and offering special discounts on occasions like their marriage anniversary go a long way in establishing strong customer relations. With technology, even small things like greetings can be customized according to the customers. Studies have shown that addressing a person by their name results in better persuasion. Browser cookies are one of the leading examples of personalization. 

Offer 24/7 help: With flexible working hours that cut across time zones, different people are using facilities such as bill payments, shopping, and filing for insurance at all hours. This means, if people are making use of goods and services at all time then they would need help at all hours. All big and established brands score great numbers at customer support because they have around the clock assistance available. This way, customers know that their queries and problems will be answered at all times. Having a telephonic helpline seems to be a very expensive affair to maintain. 

The returns of 24-hour telephonic helpline are not in accordance with the money and resources that go into it. An alternative of phone helpline is live chat which is a web service that allows clients or potential customers to get in touch by a chat with any )online company through their web page. Live chats are very cost-effective and efficient way to manage twenty-four-hour customer support. This method works especially well with younger population because they are more familiar with chatting and prefer it as a communication channel over telephones. Live chats also make it possible to guide people well by sending them links and images to explain instructions better. 

Today live chat comes in the list of the Best Customer Service Systems. Many major companies have installed live chat feature and the upcoming ones are adding it in their list. For those companies that do not have live chat but would like to include it, an outsourcing facility is made available by several lead generation companies. One just has to sign up for this facility and the lead generation company will take care of the live chat feature. They will train the live chat agents and manage all the customer queries for a subscription fee. The subscriber can access all the chats and data generated out of the live chats.  This feature has been seen as the most efficient and one of the Best Customer Care Practice

Offer real-time help: The mark of one of the Best Customer Support Exercises is offering prompt help. The sooner you respond to doubt, the higher your redressal mechanisms are rated. Real-time help is not just beneficial to the customers but also helps grow a business.  It is mutually beneficial to the company and the client. The investment that goes in establishing a reliable in-time support system will give ensured returns. 

Here are a few pros of investing in real-time support:

  • It solves queries and doubts in real-time that offer instant relief and clarity to the client. 
  • It reduces the query backlog and eases the burden of pending complaints. 
  • Live support means quicker response time. 
  • It leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and client retention rates.

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Set deliverable expectations: Even though all businesses claim to offer the best customer support, only a few walk the talk. One of the major rules by which any enterprise should live by is setting your customer’s expectations according to what you can deliver. 

No company should promise what they cannot keep. By offering too many benefits and offers, and then being unable to keep them means losing customers. This is neither a good practice in terms of financial gains, nor in terms of strengthening reputation.  So, ethically the Best Customer Help Service is the honesty of the company’s delivery capacity. This was you will be able to cultivate a crop of loyal customers.  There is no point in misleading the customers with false promises because ultimately they will figure out the reality.

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The main purpose of customer support is that the company representative will solve the doubt or a problem that a client has. This is often the bare minimum and the most a company needs to do to maintain its reputation. A clever trick behind the success of many brands is that they offer less and deliver more. This gives an illusion to the customer that the company is going out of the way to help them or is severing them more than what they paid for. This makes the customers feel special and gives an illusion that the deal they made has been very profitable. This way they keep coming back to the same brand again and again. 

Customer Retention and Cutting down on Cart Abandonment: Every customer lost means there is a dent in your company profit, hence it will not be overly ambitious to say that you should aim at retailing all your customers. There is a rising phenomenon of cart abandonments around most web-based shopping portals. The problem of cart abandonment points towards unfinished money transactions. The leading reason for incomplete or failed money transactions is complicated check out process or last-minute doubts that a customer might have. Most often than not these problems can be solved very easily through customer support as they are not complicated. If the customer care support service is prompt and easy to access then these doubts can be resolved and people can finish their purchase.

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Service Recovery: This term has been newly added in the list of Best Customer Care Practices. This refers to the practice of bringing back estranged clients or those who have changed their service providers. Often a client or a customer is not impressed with the way a service provider behaves or they suffer loss via some goods or services given by a company. In this case, a service recovery method will include the company representative to compensate for the damages caused, offer new solutions, and make sure that the client stays with their brand. 

Data collection and analysis: Many companies are investing in data collection and its subsequent analysis. With customer care methods like live chat, there is no dearth of data collected through customer chats that reveal important information such as what area of a business creates more queries, which product or service is most asked about, etc. All this data is summed up on a dashboard from where it can be accessed anytime. Company analysts with later make use of this information to think about what kind of strategies they should implement to increase their profits and better serve their customers.

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Data collection informs a brand about the demographics of its clients in terms of gender, age, etc.  It also informs them about the shopping habits of their customers that can be very useful. For example, if a brand knows their customer base comprises primarily of women then they can advertise more women-centric products and offer discounts on more female products, this will better serve their majority customer base and earn profits. 

Another example can be if their demographic lies mostly in a certain city then they can improve their sales and delivery services in that particular city to cater to a large mass of existing customers. Data collection also points towards the things that are lacking and helps the company improve itself.  The data generated directly equips the customer relation management wing and prompts new strategies and changes. Even though data collection and analysis is not directly involved in customer support, it does help strengthen it by providing substantial insights that improve customer care support. 

Hire the right people in the redressal mechanisms team: Running a company is never a one-person job. Great enterprises are built on teamwork and collective efforts of several people. Hence, hiring capable and resourceful people who can analyze the data and make new strategies around it is a really important thing. 

Customer support is one area where the representative is directly speaking for the company. This representative can make or break a company’s reputation. This makes it very important that the customer support representatives a company hires are very patience, well versed with company guidelines, and ingenious enough to come up with quick solutions. 

A trusted agent inspires confidence in the client who is seeking help, whereas hostile response discourages people from contacting the brand again.  Around 80 percent of consumers change their service because they are unhappy with the customer support. A business can very well retain their customers if the offer at par customer support. 

Hiring good staff is not an easy feat, but it can be achieved by following a few recruiting guidelines. 

  •   Offering a good service offer with additional perks and a lucrative benefits package.
  •   Giving good incentives for good performance. This will motivate employees to work hard. 
  •   Having enough opportunities and a clear ladder to earn a promotion. This will maintain clarity amongst the workers and boost performance. 
  •   Offer a healthy working environment where employees do not feel stressed and overburdened. If your customer support executives and agents are happy then they will be able to serve the customers better. If they are stressed and worn out then they way they respond to your clients will also be hampered.  

Have a user-friendly website: A good customer support practice means having a website, online portal, over even software that is easily understandable even to those who are not tech-savvy. By having a design that has an easy interface means your services will be assessable to a large population. A mark of good customer support is that it is not difficult to avail.


The Ultimate Guide for Getting Started with Live Customer Support

The world of marketing and sales has changed drastically over time. Currently, businesses are trying to establish a customer-centric framework. According to studies, people are more likely to come back to services that have a prompt helpline or live text-based customer assistance.  One of the latest developments in the field of customer support is Live Chat Support.  

In common parlance, Live Chat Support can be explained as a web-based service that enables an online business or entity to communicate with the visitors on their website in real time. The main aim of this feature is to provide prompt support to its customers in a way that does not require them to write long emails or use the telephonic helpline. Live chats have over the time proved out to be more effective than any other customer query redressal mechanism.

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Live Chat Setup

Even though most established companies have inbuilt features of live chats on their websites, there are several companies that do not have this feature included.  The companies who would now like to now adopt this feature, but are unsure about undergoing major changes on the website, can outsource the live chat feature by working with lead generation agencies. These agencies take the task of creating a chat box feature on any webpage. They recruit and train the live chat agents, and deal with customer query traffic on a daily basis. They also offer additional benefits like reduced website errors and data generation on customer behavior which can be later used for performance evaluation.  The whole process of enabling this feature can be completed in 24 hours. 

There has been a rise in companies that set up and manage live chats for others. This rise can be attributed to the fact that now businesses are ready and willing to invest in customer support.  Spending money in strengthening client service is a profitable investment as it brings ensured returns. The lead agencies, with the help of a highly advanced tool that doesn’t need any rebuilding or intense coding, can include this feature on any webpage easily. 

One main doubt that brands have about outsourcing customer care service is about maintaining contact with the company that is managing their customer or visitor queries. The answer to this doubt is that the majority of services have a singular point of contact between themselves and the subscriber. As a norm, they employ a secretary or a manager who deals with the subscriber brand on a priority basis in case there is any need for communication.

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Usually, there is a set subscription amount for monthly service which is negotiated in terms of the number of agents and timings but now the subscription price has become fluid and the charges are based on the number of leads generated. This feature works well for the Software as a Service (SaaS) company and Business to Business (B2B) company that has good lifetime value. However, for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies with a large influx of website visitors, this negotiation can be expensive and a fixed subscription model will be more affordable.

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A great feature about new age chat outsourcing contracts is that there is no requirement of signing long term binding contract. Anyone can avail the services on a monthly basis and terminating a contract is as simple as starting it. It is suggested that before signing up for any service, a brand should avail the free trial period that is offered by most agencies for 15 days or one month. This allows brands to test if the service aligns with their needs.

Training the Agents

The live chat agents are trained in the policies, procedures, and guidelines of the company thoroughly; this makes them efficient at answering most queries. A good agent will be able to convert a website visitor into a customer. The agents play an important role in building trust and a feeling of loyalty between the customer and a brand.  

One of the leading reasons for the popularity of this live help feature is that live chat agents are very productive and cost-effective. They can deal with more than one chat at once. While at the same time an assistant on the telephone can manage only one call at a time.  In addition to this, often times in telephonic services, there are issues of audibility. Additionally, when calls are transferred to a specialist, the customers have to repeat themselves but during the live chats, the chats are transferred between the agents which do not require the repetition. 

There have been cases where many people with mala fide intentions use chats for frivolous reasons that are aimed at wasting the time of chat agents, in this case, the user can be easily blocked.

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It is very important that the company you select to act on your behalf is trustworthy because they will be acting as your company’s representative. The transcripts of each and every chat that takes place during live support are documented. This helps companies know about the most frequent queries they are receiving. It also helps one in reviewing the performance of live chat service providers. The transcripts of chats also create transparency and in case there are any suggestions or comments then the company can communicate it with the service providers who are managing the live chat agents. 

Customizing the Live Chats

One can totally customize their live chat feature by seamlessly integrating this feature with the aesthetics of their website. For an extra price or premium subscription, they can also remove the logo or watermark of the outsourcing company. 

The whole process of updating your website with this feature is simple and consists of just 2 to 3 steps. First, you have to select an agency to which you want to outsource your live customer interacts. The next step would be to fill a simple form that will ask for your website URL and email address, with this you will have an account that will direct you to a dashboard from which you can control and check everything related to live chat conversations of your business.  Then the next step will require you to fill an F&Q form on the basis of which live chat agents will be trained. After you finish the above two steps, the agency will place chat agents on your webpage.

When you finally get live chat feature, you will get an exclusive and unique incoming email id. You can ask people to use these emails if they want to ask any thing or share any feedbacks.

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You can also send customized emails and in-app texts to customers and visitors on the basis of individual behavior. It is important that your chat records fall within the limits of the General Data Protection Regulation and should be in accordance with privacy rules. 

Before starting the service you can set the timings for working hours of the service. This timing will be shown to the customer so that they know when the live chat agent is available or is going to be available.  Since most queries that customers ask come in the bracket of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs), there can be an automated response for them which can be sent via a shortcut instead of writing a whole sentence. There are custom variables in place that make a standard reply look personalized.

Why Live Chats is the Best Customer Support Medium 

The main aim of live chat can be summed up in three things: getting customers, engaging them, and resolving their problems.  As more and more workforce is doing their work irrespective of official work hours and the customer base of online brands is spread across the time zones, it is imperative that online enterprises should be available for clients regardless of any limited time frame.  Since the live chat feature is more adaptable for the 24-hour cycle without being resource-rich, it becomes the most suited customer care medium.

Some more reasons for the preference of live chat over other mediums are very straightforward and simplistic in nature. Live support allows people to multitask and hence it aligns with the way people operate on gadgets. A customer can ask a query in a text message and then wait for the company representative to reply without feeling like they are wasting their time as the text method allows them to do other work on their phones and computers as well. Unlike the telephonic conversation, this method does not require the customer to be glued to their phone. Here people can work on different tabs while communicating with the company representative and waiting for them to get back.  Besides, people are used to increase levels of digitalization and hence texting matches their sensibility more.

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Studies have found that the major reason why people do not complete their shopping is lack of assistance when they are making an online money transaction or having doubts over a product. A customer might not complete the purchase because of a simple query, but if that confusion is resolved within a few texts then the purchase will not be stalled. This way, live chats lead to increased profits, increased sales, and significantly lower levels of cart abandonment.  

Another reason why live help is efficient is by virtue of its medium. By being able to share links, numbers, and emails on chats, a customer is guided in a better way.  Over phone assistance, there are many cases of mispronunciation, wrong dictation, and problems in the following steps. The texts are more prompt than emails and more concise than phone calls. The overall costs of live chats are less than running a toll-free number and maintain a helpline.

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One additional benefit that this customer support service gives us is of rich data and statistics that come with it. The chat sessions yield details like which area of the website is most navigated and post chat data provides valuable feedback. To put it simply, chat sessions are a direct insight into the minds of one’s customer base. With highly advanced chat versions it is possible to convert customer and client responses into a quantitative satisfaction score which is another great piece of information for studying the performance of one’s company. 

Live chat is also extremely assessable. It does not require people to search for the company’s phone number or email addresses. One just has to type out in a chat box that is available on the webpage which requires bare minimum effort. 

In the fast-paced world, no one has time to hold phone lines or wait for an email reply without a time limit. People need instant communication and live support provides them with it.

Also, the chats are often in sync with customer relationship management (CRM); this allows one to directly get a customer’s details from their account. This linking helps the company in offering personalized service which makes the customer feel special and this helps in building a loyal customer base.  The chats enrich and update the customer relationship management of a company.

Live chat as a feature is still being explored and tested in the market.  Many of the Phone Support Alternatives and Email Support Alternatives, in response to live chat or in accordance with it are being developed.  There have been many studies in the recent past that revealed how less than 10 percent of web-based entities employ live chats to give in-time support. 

This indicates that if an organization or online retailer opts to use this web service then they will have a clear competitive advantage over other similar names or brands in the market. They will be able to offer a user-friendly and quick support service that others will lack. They will have more opportunities to convert leads into actual customers. This edge will allow them to capitalize on customers that they will nab before their other competitors do.

Intercom Review 2019: Pros-Cons, Analysis, Alternatives & More!

Intercom is the sales, support, and marketing solution platform that engages, supports and acquires clients through its targeted emails, bot-based algorithm, integrated help desk, and in-app as well as push messages. It is a decent, if potentially high-budget, option for those companies which are looking to obtain, support and onboard customers via messaging. According to a recent study conducted last year, it has been reported that customer patience is good for only 10 minutes and that is why they should be offered with a fast and effective chat support system. Go through our Intercom Review 2019 so that you can get to know why it is considered as the best designed live chat app available. It caters to the sales teams across all the industries by assisting them to send automated chosen messages round the clock with the live chatting leads for eventually converting them into customers.

The application is easy-to-use as well as set up. It offers many other characteristics that involve client context-keeping, group conversations, chat volume management, and scheduling as well as meeting etc. With the help of this platform, a business can easily grow faster through good customer relationships. Even the most well-known companies throughout the world use Intercom for driving growth through customized client communications, bots, and chat.

User Experience

The chat widget of Intercom provides the users with the first-rate live chat user experience on both desktop and mobile browsers. Regarding the same, it is highly recommended to check out the Intercom Review and gain more information about its introduction of numerous live chat alterations. One of these innovations is eliminating the requirement for unfriendly forms of pre-chat by embedding the tiny structure of email capture in the chat itself. Chat interface for agents or internal users is nicely laid-out, along with useful contextual information about customers and visitors. Never forget that 82% of clients put huge relevance on an immediate response in terms of marketing inquiry or making the sales.


As demand for the live chat enhanced by over 80% according to various reports in 2018, the relevance of finding an instant and efficient customer support solution gained huge momentum.
Intercom is built around 3 “jobs to be performed” –

  • Get customers
  • Attract customers
  • Support customers

At the sign-up stage, you need to opt for 1 job (or all) as the “base plan”. Each of the jobs has a sub-division as Essential, Pro, as well as Premium tiers. But, once you are done with the sign-up, it is crystal clear that base plans are only the Intercom products’ different bundles.

For enabling live chat for support, the Inbox product is required, which begins at $38 on a monthly basis for a single seat. The starting price of additional seats starts from $19 in Pro Tier. In case you wish to use the live chat of Intercom for obtaining the customers, you will be required to sign up for Messages product.

Pricing depends upon the number of users and leads that collected messages, started the conversations, or logged in during the last 90 days. Therefore, price structure is viable as well as potentially unpredictable as per your business’s nature. There is a reason why Intercom is considered as the Best Chat Software as it offers the clients amazing features for making customer support really easy.

Pros and Cons of Intercom

The client communication platform of Intercom comes with the suite of many integrated products for every team including marketing, sales, support, and product. However, in addition to offering a lot of advantages, it has some demerits as well.

Moreover, live chat has played an important role in E-commerce businesses’ growth in the year 2019.

Pros –

  • The incredible support system, continuous improvements, hassle-free communication with the users as well as tracking over time, impressive customer base segmentation, better integrations for the software teams.
  • This is the great tool for automating messages to the users during a problem, downtime or just for informing them of the new feature. Personalized messages, conditions can make quick work of the message automation. It is easy to track the user info.
  • It is indeed the Best Ticketing Software that can be used in a super easy manner and consumer support is quite friendly as well as guides you at every step of the way for solving an issue even in case no developed solution is there. The “note” functionality is particularly liked.
  • Intercom is especially vital for a person who is working as the client success manager. He can integrate it into his app as well as on the web and it brings him closer to end user as well as his needs. This tool helps in understanding consumer service quality and efficiency with connectivity and metrics.

It is really amazing to have the ability to do a lot of things within a single application, chat with the customers, link the help articles to clients, write the help articles, and send the messages to large groups of people etc. Not only one can easily find the previous conversations, but can also create reports for monitoring the progress of an organization.

Intercom has basically made the support workflow a lot less confusing and simple for all the companies out there than any other software tool. The integration with plenty of tools ensures the fact that if there is anything that Intercom cannot do, then there is a way to perform the same with the help of integration.

Cons –

  • After a complete Intercom Analysis, the conclusion is that it is difficult to understand the differentiation between the product lines.
  • In case of chat has over 300-400 lines then the time taken for loading on the mobile app gets increased.
  • There is no support for the right-to-left writing directions and replying to the specific message.
  • Pricing is a little aggressive. The price structure is as per seat. Before the price revision in 2019, it was a bit better.

Features –

1. Remove Branding – Intercom branded link can only be eliminated from a chat window in case you upgrade to Messages Premium or Inbox Premium.

2. Style Chat Widget – Upload your logo, set wallpaper, and modify action colors and background (links, buttons etc.). Intercom branded link can be removed in case you buy a Pro plan.

3. Routing – Creation of complex assignment rules can take place based on a segment, attribute, or tag about the company, user, or lead with information about the message itself. Avail its benefits with Inbox Pro Plan.

4. Block Users – Visitors can easily be unblocked and blocked.

5. Saved Replies – The creation of saved replies can take place from the chat message or scratch. They are accessible through the use of # shortcut or an icon. Custom variables permit you to automatically personalize the saved reply.

6. Trigger Chats – The class-leading contextual automated messages of Intercom can help a person in capturing target messages and leads to promising prospects. The availability of this feature is only on the purchase of Messages Plan.

Top 6 Intercom Alternates –

1. FreshChat

Its development has taken place for the sales team so that dynamic customer engagement and mobile messaging solution can be provided. A trait that it shares with Intercom is that both of these are designed for the sales teams. Moreover, FreshChat specializes in conducting customer interactions on a personal level through chat.

Why select Intercom over FreshChat?

  • Stripe Integration – This allows you to send customized pricing offers at the time of chatting.
  • Messenger Visibility – User has the complete control of when to whom, and where the messenger is shown.
  • Lead Routing – Use round-robin i.e., RR algorithm as per the account owner and location or auto-assign the leads to the right agent.

2. LiveAgent

In terms of helpdesk solution, this comes under one of the topmost choices as it combines email, social media support, and live chat on a single platform. LiveAgent’s top features are chat history, real-time typing view, dynamic chat invitations, and many more. It also provides you with the drag-and-drop ability for the files in chat and customer feedback.

Why select Intercom over LiveAgent?

  • Meeting Scheduling – Automatically schedule the meeting with the sales team 24×7.
  • Messenger bot – It uses the bot known as operator automatically in the qualifying leads before routing to the agents.
  • A/B testing – Optimize and measure your solution’s performance through the A/B testing.

3. Drift

It is the interaction-based live chat messaging solution built for marketing and sales teams. It streamlines your way of identifying prequalified leads, scheduling the sales call, and providing the right response. Just like Intercom, the chatbots of Drift automatically qualify the leads on your site round the clock.

Why select Intercom over Drift?

  • Clearbit Integration – The direct integration which enables you for pulling up information about the company size and location of a visitor, among many others, to increase visitor targeting.
  • A/B Testing – Leverage the targeted messages’ performance by testing the variants.
  • Operator – The bot of Intercom that qualifies the leads and automatically routes them to the most suitable agent.

4. Stride

Please note that it is designed for video meeting and group messaging for teams. As currently, it does not offer the room of live chat for the guest access, you have to register first for adding consumers to your live chat. Along with offering powerful messaging solutions, Stride also provides with a special solution for the variety.

Why select Intercom over Stride?

  •   Chatbots – It qualifies the leads automatically before routing the same to the user’s sales team in order to schedule a meeting. 
  •   Visitor targeting – Use a visitor’s browsing behavior or referral URL for targeting your messages. 
  •   Live Chat for Sales – It allows you to capture the leads, automatically qualify them, and then move towards conversion. 
  1.   ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat enables you for using pre-defined messages and greetings or creating the custom message with its library of templates that are pre-built. By streamlining these procedures, you can instantly focus on communicating with the questions of your customer and then responding accordingly. Anticipating the message of the customer is optimized as well as the agents can easily see what the consumer is typing before they actually send that message.

Why select Intercom over ProProfs Chat?

  •   Targeted messaging – Those who have gone through the Intercom Review know that it has an edge over its competitor when it comes to targeted messaging. You can respond with the targeted message as per the browsing behavior of a visitor, information like company size as well as location, and referral URL. 
  •   Automated lead qualification – Qualifying the leads is accomplished automatically by the chatbot of Intercom. 
  •   Customized pricing offers – Convert the leads by sending them the personalized cost offer while utilizing integration along with the Stripe app. 
  1.   Olark –

This live chat software enables you for transforming your consumer service to a chance for enhancing the growth of your business. Its 3 main approaches are – providing support, acquiring leads, and increasing sales. For maximizing your processes, Olark permits you to connect as well as send the data with the third party apps like CRM, analytics, and E-commerce etc.

Why select Intercom over Olark?

  •   Chatbot – Qualifying the leads is done automatically by the bot “Operator” of Intercom. 
  •   Customized messages – By adding the leads to the drip campaigns, one can streamline sending customized messages.
  •   Stripe app integration – During the chat session, the user can send the customized price offerings for empowering conversion accordingly. 

As mentioned above, some of the most vital live chat characteristics of Intercom include A/B testing, visitor targeting, routing and qualification, meeting scheduling, and lead routing. Besides, it also has the library of APIs and integrations for fitting the system with your current workflows. In a nutshell, Intercom is packaged with strong features but that does not mean that it can fit all your business needs and that is why it is important to keep the needs of your business in mind while employing this chat support system.

Take Up the Most Excellent Online Chat Service That Will Boost Your Client Expedition

Gone are the days when individuals were not getting into the intricate knowledge and were captivating under the simpler modes to talk which were not only time-consuming but a bit pricey as well. There has been a bunch of association of the individuals with the industries’ officials concerning the requirement of the fastener goods and other ongoing development at the marketplace digitally. There are alternative traditions that can make clientele endeavor more innovative in terms of new goods and services offered by recently developed business firms. One such procedure that is employed these days and rather admired among individuals is the online chat service.

There have been several motives why industries have selected to encourage the live chat and get rid of the preceding communication channels such as-

  • Easily available
  • Easy accessibility
  • Easy communication
  • Ease of understanding

In the past few years, the sales leads and the consumer support problems were made via the big online forms or emails. The purchaser would have to fill up their necessary information, submit the form and keep waiting for the support agent to get in touch with them. However, the online chat support service refurbishes the entire procedure. Instead of having to fill up those uninteresting and big forms, they can connect with the actual support agent and obtain all the essential information on the same day. One can inquire the query anytime and information gets recorded, so that more and more leads can be generated 24*7 on the online portal. There are a group of live chat tools that offers a lot of other options such as customer management, live customer support, as well as the integration with the third-party applications.There are mainly two kinds of customers that commence shopping plus visit the web portals for the same. One of such group is the probable purchasers, they are the sort of customers who are further probable to assume the online chat support service for their queries and questions. There is an additional characteristic of online chat service which is the capability to observe consumer’s actions on your web portal. By collecting and analyzing the statistics of your consumers, you can discover how to modify the requirements of your customers and get your industry on the pathway of benefits. In this contemporary era, there are a lot of businesses which present online chat software on their worthy business portals. Amongst them, there is a number of live chat software that can be high-priced. Thus, it is significant to do sufficient research before jumping to the online chat software.

Have you been thinking about why online chat service is more preferable these days and is capable of minimizing the utilization of other communication modes such as emails and phone calls? Here are some of the appealing factors about online chat support:

  • Increases sales-

Nothing is prepared in the industries with no profits and income. The good industry is reliant upon the integer of reimbursements a corporation shares as well as it is working for. The wholesome reason for setting up an industry firm is to expand income and profits as well as to arrive at a superior stage of achievement. Every business firm is exploring the new and innovative strategies that can help them receive superior profits and earnings with fewer amounts of hard work and money.Online chat support service acts as a bridge between the consumers and the business firm which permits the customers to honestly make contact with the officials concerning any imperfection or difficulty they face while browsing the website throughout the shopping procedure.

Get through the pain points-

One of the furthermost attainments that could be observed with the usage of online chat support service is getting to be familiar with what are the wants and requirements of a consumer. Pain points are essentially those requirements of the customers that are capable to get displeased due to a variety of reasons and a consumer sequentially has to get done with them by penetrating for a variety of business brands that can be appropriate and sufficient to make him or her go for purchasing.

There are a bunch of methods and one such method in use is an online chat support service which permits the industries to contact with the consumers timely and conversing on what really a consumer wishes.

Ease to the customers-

Online chat support service is one such innovation which has made things pretty easier for individuals. It is one such intermediate that does not engage a lot of capital in its place and it is also fairly efficient in provisions of leaving an optimistic thought on the intelligence of the individuals. One such aspect that has played a significant role in the business world is how much convenient it is for the customers to obtain throughout the services of a business firm and how much time saving this communication procedure is.

A purchaser is pleased with a business that initiates a superior communication resource. The one on one discussion is necessary to make a consumer feel pleased if given a path to talk concerning all the issues while shopping. Consequently, it becomes essential for the businesses to take care of each characteristic connected to a consumer’s expediency.


The online chat support is one of the greatest mounting equipment for industries in today’s modern era. Mostly all the business firms are looking to diminish latencies in their interactions with their worthy customers and website visitors. For undersized to mid-sized and bulky business firms, online chat support can be one of those tech procedures that permit business firms to become visible better than they actually are.

Moreover, DeskMoz is the support industry that presents a lot of live chat tools having diverse features and different layouts that can facilitate you to exploit your industry. You can also go for the free trial opportunity by just undertaking a sign-up process as well.

Tips to Improve Your Customer Service Skills Without Expanding Support Team.

The customers are considered to be the most valuable asset any company could behold; it is the prime duty of the company officials to at first take care of all the customers that it gets connected with. The number of customers experiencing the services of a brand is an indication towards the finest services that a company is initiating. A company’s image solely depends upon how it treats its customers. The world has become so modern that the customers now emphasize more on the quality of services and the consistency a company maintains in order to get in touch with the customers on a daily basis. A good customer service can be obtained only when the employees are well-trained and understand all the customer service skills well.

There are plenty of companies in the business world all around the globe and customers choose the finest one amongst them on the basis of certain qualities which very well include what sort of services a company initiates that are distinctive in approach from all other in competition. A lot of emphases should be given on polishing the company officials’ skills in providing the supreme customer services. Let’s read some of the quotes said by famous people regarding the customer service skills.


  • “Ask your customers to be a part of the solution; don’t view them as a part of the problem.” By- Alan Weiss Author ‘Million Dollar Consulting’
  • “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” By- Don Alden Adams, President Watch Tower Bible


  • “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” By- Gucci Family Slogan

Ultimately at the end of a customer’s shopping experience, the only thing that lasts long in their minds is the quality and interactive session he or she has with the company’s agents, therefore, a lot of emphases is given to improvise the customer service skills.

Below are some of the effective measures that every company should work on in order to inculcate the best ever customer services to the customers.

1.Empathy and patience– These two qualities are necessary to be undertaken by all the company officials and especially those who deal with the customers on a daily basis. The patience is the requirement of every interaction that is made with the online or offline customers. A lot of times there are angry customers that in a way showcase their anger towards some of the services or products that a company initiates. It is the prime duty of the company agents to be patient and with gentleness handle the situation and control everything. There are customers of every kind and it is the responsibility of the company agents to tackle with each one of them with patience. Such customer service skills are required in every staff member who is associated with the company. A company’s progress is dependent upon the level of satisfaction a customer beholds after his or her shopping experience.

2.Clear communication Communication is a measure of dealing with different sort of customers on a daily basis for a company. It is the major medium that can easily build great company-customer relations. The business world itself is all about communicating differently with one another. The world is such now that the customers at first wish to search well regarding all the details related to the company and even wish to interact with the company officials so as to know what sort of customer services a company provides with.

There are a lot of mediums to interact such as telephonic conversations and the live support that help customers to communicate simply regarding any complaint that they possess about the company with the customer support agents or any other designated company’s official.

The authenticity of positive language leaves a huge positive impression on the minds of the customers and this, in turn, helps the company to have an increasing number of customers interacting on a daily basis.  

3.The spontaneity of actions– Every customer appreciates the work of a company that with spontaneous approach answer all the queries and deal with the timely complaints on time. For a company, it is important not only to deal with the complaints rather should implement and modify all the requirements and changes that a customer demands.

In the case of live support, the spontaneity of the customer support agents while answering matters the most to every customer. Today’s world is moving at a faster pace and there is a crucial requirement of the officials in the company that works and responds faster.


4.Acquire resourceful knowledge A lot of customers are quite fascinated with the companies whose officials are very well versed regarding all the policies that a company initiates. In fact, all the knowledge regarding the company and its working is required by the company’s staff to know in order to interact well with the customers of all sorts from, interacting from anywhere around the world.

A wholesome impression of the company is dependent upon the officials designated to interact with the customers on a daily basis. Hence, every agent must focus on every aspect of the company and its working process.

5.Ask for the feedback– It is one of the greatest measures for showcasing the customer service skills. Every customer feels to be valuable to a firm when is given the authority to put forward his or her words of experience in front of the company. This can be done in the form of feedbacks or making the customers write reviews related to the usage of the products and services undertaken by them.

Every company agent must follow these many rules in order to put forward great customer service skills without expanding support team. The customer service should be systematic. The happiness of a customer should be considered important by every firm and the customer services must be given a lot of emphasis in order to uplift a company’s overall business.

Ways to Gather Customer Feedback Through Live Chat Application!

Collecting customer feedback right now might come across as a no-brainer; however, all the companies do this task to a greater or lesser extent. The majority of the businesses spend thousands on setting up several customer feedback channels, namely, emails, surveys, live chat application, rates, and reviews.

Is that worth it? Yes, it absolutely is, if you are aware of how to act on the customer feedback that you receive.

The customer feedback can be genuinely an eye-opener. The feedback at times will thoroughly alter the way in which you think about a specific product or feature.

In fact, we had a moment of realization ourselves of this sort in the recent present when we were updating some of our features for our users.

Carry on in order to get to know how all of it went down, how we collected and then employed the use of our online customer service feedback and how it fully altered the light in which we see our products.

Ways of collecting customer feedback

Primarily, there are a lot of avenues from where you can select gathering customer feedback. You can simply go for the direct approach and just ask the customers or observe how they use your products and services.

The popular methods of collecting customer feedback are:

  •   User testing: A not so direct way of collecting customer feedback is examining the manner in which your customers employ the use of your products and services. For instance, the software business enterprise might want to observe how their clients react to the particular features after they have been released or how many clients accessed them or how many did not want them.
  •    Customer surveys: The short forms are the best things for gathering customer feedback; you can place them on your website, via live chat application or email. They comprise of a mix of open questions and the predefined answers.
  •    Approaching your customers through email, phone or chat: You can opt for directly asking your customers for their valuable feedback through live chat application, email, and phone. This can be either a follow up after the online customer service session or just an independent effort at asking the users for their opinions regarding your brand. This option will open up the possibility of customization and personalization but will also require a lot of dedication and professionalism.

Gathering valuable customer feedback through pre-chat surveys

In our situation, we made the decision to enhance one of our brand’s plan features and that is the single sign-on login. We did have a simple version of the feature in the right place, and we wanted to build upon that and create SEO integration. In addition to all of that, we just wanted to find out what our users think.

So, we came up with a very basic pre-chat survey to check what they think and also we placed the time to fill out the survey at such a level that the users do not think that they obligated to waste even a single second of their precious time.

Creating the survey, any survey is one of the most popular mediums of collecting customer feedback and that should not come across as a surprise that it needs a bit more effort. It can provide some very good insight into the viewpoints of the customers regarding the products and services.

If you are employing the use of the live chat application, then you can provide a quick survey at the end of every live chat session as well. You can simply ask your customers to rate their satisfaction level and leave you a comment if they want.

The outcomes of the surveys will result in pointing out the issues or the options that you would have never thought of exploring beforehand.

Gathering customer feedback indirectly via monitoring

Once, we commenced our plan of providing SSO, we were of the opinion that it would be smooth sail from there on and to ensure that, that was the case, we consulted our monitoring systems.

The task of monitoring the activities of the users on your website is the actually the most honest form of getting feedback. Through such actions, you will be able to know when and how someone uses your site and everything will go on record.

There are numerous services that permit you to do. Take the user tracking feature of the live chat applications itself. As soon as the customers will land on your website, the customer care service agents will be able to track their every move and also how they are navigating your website.

If your user spends more than sufficient time on a single page then there are pretty good chances that there is a pain point that you must solve.

In our situation, we measured the number of companies that used our new SSO feature and to our surprise, there was hardly anyone employing its use.

So, instead of dwelling on that disappointment, we made the decision to ask the customers directly and we also followed them up with an email.

In conclusion

Your customers are not as complicated as you make them out to be, they are as human as you and want to feel important and the gesture from your side of simply getting the feedback from the customers will make them feel valued.

So, what is the key take away from this? Ensure that your attempts at collecting customer feedback do not come across as automatic. Make it personal because by doing so you will be able to kill two birds with a single stone. First, you will be able to gather the much-needed piece of information from your customers and secondly, end up creating a long-lasting relationship with them.

If you want to make the best out of your live chat application then gathering customer feedback will help you climb the ladder of success that you have been longing for.