To keep DeskMoz blogs’ quality intact & content engaging, we expect your submission to meet our following blog publication guidelines-

Length: A minimum of 800 words, a maximum of 3500.

Paragraphs: Content written into distinct & clear paragraphs adds a lot of ease to the readers’ experience.

Links: Links can be included wherever required but must not be overused.

Media: Relevant images, videos, GIFs etc can be included.

Relevant- DeskMoz is a 24x7 managed live chat agents support & sales leads generation service website. So, that’s what our audience is most interested in reading & learning about. Thus, the blog you are willing to submit must be about or around customer support & sales growth genres. In the two genres, you could write about the practices, technologies, futuristic ideas etc.

Unique- Your content must be unique in terms of the learning DeskMoz’s audience is going to get from it. It must not be a reframed version of another already published content, let alone an exact copy of that.

Genuine- The references of your content must be backed with genuine sources.

No Self Promotion- The content must not be absolutely self promotional. If you are a part of the industry you are writing about, you can mention yourself as one of the players.

Clean- Ensure that your content doesn’t refer to or use anything which could trigger copyright or defamation dialogues.

Understanding- DeskMoz receives a lot of guest post requests every week. To help them to managed easily by us & the submitters, we use DeskMoz Guest Post Engine. You must keep all your communication with us limited to that dashboard only & must not jump on our chat support or send emails to our other email addresses. If you’ll do so, it will adversely affect our relationship with you.

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