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How We Can Help 24X7

Scheduling the campus visits, counselling sessions, interviews & other meetings for the student & staff members
Generating the Sales Leads & notifying them to you in real-time by SMS & Email.
Answering the enquiries of the students & the visitors, such as- whom to contact for generating the transcripts? etc.
Helping the students in depositing fees & coordinating the other meetings & events.
Receiving & channelizing the documents from the customers for admissions, college trips etc.
Informing the various pieces of information to the visitors over chat.
Delivering seamless customer support & making your university website student-friendly.
Serving as a 24×7 counselor to the students for admissions, examinations, stress, bullying etc.

Support Department- Why So Chaotic?

We all can agree that a significant number of people who visit the Support Departments of your College/ University, come with the common questions & similar concerns.

Undoubtedly, addressing these people gets your staff unnecessarily occupied with time consuming-unproductive tasks & is an equal waste of time & efforts for the visitors as well.

Well, we have got the solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional Live Chat Agents who remain available on your University/ College website 24×7 to provide support to your visitors with complete ease.


With all their basic questions getting answered in real time by the DeskMoz Chat Agents right on the website, your visitors start preferring visiting your Website-Support over reaching out to the College’s Support Department.

Supporting the Smart Way

All the basic questions are answered by DeskMoz Team right in the chat & for the speciality questions, real-time tickets are assigned to the concerned department.


Your Support-Team which used to be tied-down handling the unnecessary traffic can now focus on key-tasks as they have very limited questions to be answered

And Happier Everyone!

So when everyone’s counting on you, you can count on DeskMoz.

Our Awesome Features

Our services are everything you need to boost your online sales & customer satisfaction. Explore the new growth avenues with over 125 street smart nerds of DeskMoz.

Your students & prospects visit your website 24×7 & presence of DeskMoz’s expert Chat Agents mean virtual presence of your reception.


Along with our professional Chat Agents service we provide a lean & mean chat tool for completely free. Now that’s a good offer, right?


With us, you don’t need to pay that extra money for the setup of service or the tool. Yes, the setup is completely free.


All the chat transcripts & sales leads are forwarded to you fresh in real-time, which gives best opportunity to convert them into sales.


We understand that in order to deliver the seamless support quality, it takes trained professionals. DeskMoz’s Chat Agents are completely trained.


With DeskMoz, you get access to our premium Dashboard which is a complete real-time encyclopedia of your chats, leads & visitor behavior.


Once you sign-up for our service, we deploy our expert agents to your website within just 48 hours (in 24 hours in most cases).


We would love you to become our client only after we have met your level of expectations & for this, our 10 days free trial is the best way.

DeskMoz has been handling our live chat – 24×7 for the last couple of years. They are great when it comes to quality chats and getting me more leads for my clients. Their uptime is great and I get good amount of leads along with proper support to my websites’ visitors.

~ Greg (University Websites)

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