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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Boosting conversion ratio by helping your visitors find the best software quickly.
  • Minimizing cart abandonment by answering sales closing questions promptly.
  • Navigating visitors to the pages & the software they are looking for.
  • Helping clients with almost everything they reach out to you for. Such as- applying discount codes or making payments.
  • Answering the enquiries of your visitors such as- how soon can the software be installed?
  • Tracking & informing the support ticket status to the customers.
  • Getting the maximum number of the visitors to make a purchase by offering discount codes in chats.
  • Generating sales leads & support tickets & notifying them to you in real-time by SMS & email.
  • Serving as the most interactive means of taking visitors’ & customers’ feedback & addressing their grievances.


SaaS Websites: Super Simplified Yet Complicated:

In every SaaS website, the features & every other detail are always tried to be explained in the ultimate simplicity but since the subject itself is complicated, visitors find understanding the details a task.

Well, We Have Got The Solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional live chat agents who remain available on your SaaS website 24×7 to answer all the questions (both technical & non-technical) of your visitors real-time.

Prompt Support!

Finding a visitor hovering on the same page for certain time, DeskMoz chat team offers help to the visitor. The visitor can initiate the chat session from his end as well.

A Typical Question

Here, the visitor is not sure if your software is the best fit for his team.

Finding this a bright sales-closing opportunity, our chat agents offer to connect the visitor to your experts.

Seamless Post-Sales Support

In another typical scenario, this existing customer is facing a technical-glitch in using your software.

Equipped with the sound technical knowledge, our chat agents take the remote access of her system & performs the Tier I troubleshooting.

Your Focus Intact!

So, when DeskMoz has promised to be your “go-to” for all your customer support & lead generation needs, you can freely focus on the other key tasks.

You are in a great company

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