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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Boosting conversion ratio by helping your visitors find the best software quickly.
  • Minimizing cart abandonment by answering sales closing questions promptly.
  • Navigating visitors to the pages & the software they are looking for.
  • Helping clients with almost everything they reach out to you for. Such as- applying discount codes or making payments.
  • Answering the enquiries of your visitors such as- how soon can the software be installed?
  • Tracking & informing the support ticket status to the customers.
  • Getting the maximum number of the visitors to make a purchase by offering discount codes in chats.
  • Generating sales leads & support tickets & notifying them to you in real-time by SMS & email.
  • Serving as the most interactive means of taking visitors’ & customers’ feedback & addressing their grievances.


SaaS Websites: Super Simplified Yet Complicated:

In every SaaS website, the features & every other detail are always tried to be explained in the ultimate simplicity but since the subject itself is complicated, visitors find understanding the details a task.

Well, We Have Got The Solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional live chat agents who remain available on your SaaS website 24×7 to answer all the questions (both technical & non-technical) of your visitors real-time.

Prompt Support!

Finding a visitor hovering on the same page for certain time, DeskMoz chat team offers help to the visitor. The visitor can initiate the chat session from his end as well.

A Typical Question

Here, the visitor is not sure if your software is the best fit for his team.

Finding this a bright sales-closing opportunity, our chat agents offer to connect the visitor to your experts.

Seamless Post-Sales Support

In another typical scenario, this existing customer is facing a technical-glitch in using your software.

Equipped with the sound technical knowledge, our chat agents take the remote access of her system & performs the Tier I troubleshooting.

Your Focus Intact!

So, when DeskMoz has promised to be your “go-to” for all your customer support & lead generation needs, you can freely focus on the other key tasks.

Our Awesome Features

Our services are everything you need to boost your online sales & customer satisfaction. Explore the new growth avenues with over 125 street smart nerds of DeskMoz.


In SaaS, DeskMoz helps you get a great edge over your competitors by providing prompt support round the clock to your customers.


Your SaaS website is a true reflection of the technologies & so is the chat tool that we provide with our service. Best part- tool is free.


We all are familiar with the setup fees but at DeskMoz, not only the chat tool is free but is also setup on your website for completely free.


For a SaaS business, the leads & the transcripts are best only when they are served fresh. DeskMoz forwards them to you well real-time.


DeskMoz chat agents come with a rich experience of delivery highly professional live chat service on SaaS websites.


The Dashboard that we provide with our service is the perfect one-stop solution to keep a track of your chats, leads & the visitors’ behavior.


We all hate to spend much time on trying out the tools & services for our business. Well, once you sign-up, DeskMoz goes live within 48 hours.


It takes a SaaS business to understand the true value of a free trial & with DeskMoz your SaaS business gets the free trial for complete 10 days.

You are in a great company

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