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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Receiving the details & the documents of the assignments & setting up the deadlines as per your instructions.
  • Generating the Sales Leads & notifying them to you in real-time by SMS & Email.
  • Answering the enquiries of the visitors, such as- what are the qualifications of my writer? etc.
  • Helping the visitors in making payments & coordinating other communications.
  • Receiving & channelizing the documents from the clients for assignment, review, plagiarism check etc.
  • Informing the various pieces of information to the visitors & clients over chat.
  • Delivering seamless customer support & making your content website student-friendly.


Business Pays the Visit

Such is the nature of writing & editing service that it is needed round-the-clock & most of the time, needs quick delivery. Mike is one such prospect.

Confused About the Service

Your website looks good to Rita but she is not sure if you can deliver what she is looking for.

Well, We Have Got the Solution

DeskMoz is a perfect team of highly experienced Live Chat Agents. Our Chat Agents hold expertise in generating great sales from the visitors of your website.

Round-the-clock Support

With DeskMoz’s expert Live Chat Agents available 24×7, your prospect gets assured of the quality service.

Earning the Niche Clients

DeskMoz’s professional Chat Agents hold expertise in retaining even the most unobvious prospects for your business.

Sales & Support Streamlined!

DeskMoz understands the real value of more leads & seamless customer support & promises to be your one-stop solution for the same.

You are in a great company

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