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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Helping visitors in finding their desired properties for buying or renting.
  • Assisting visitors in listing their properties for renting, leasing & selling.
  • Generating sales leads & notifying them to you real-time 24x7.
  • Answering the enquiries of your visitors, such as- what is the process for reverse mortgage? etc.
  • Helping clients in quoting, making & receiving the payments online.
  • Receiving & channelizing the various details/ documents from the visitors & clients.
  • Informing follow-up status to the visitors/ clients about their property status.
  • Delivering seamless customer support & making your brand client-friendly.


You Have Got a Visitor!

Mike has visited your real estate website in search of a comfy home.

Amazed with the wide range of options, he sets his criteria but unfortunately, the properties he likes exceed his budget.

Unable to find any assistance, he may leave your website & continue searching on your competitors’ websites.

Well, We Have Got The solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional live chat agents who remain available on your real estate website 24×7 to provide prompt yet perfect support to your visitors.

Prospect Retainment

Finding your visitor hovering on the same page for certain time, the DeskMoz chat agent offers help to the visitor. The visitor can initiate the chat session from his end as well.

Our professional chat agents answer such unusual questions the way you suggest, otherwise, they use their expertise in retaining the prospect & closing the sale.

The Support Worth Closing Sales

Sam is another prospect who is looking to list his property but has got an un-obvious issue.

Our professional agent provides perfect solution by forwarding his contact details to your team.

The Support your Visitors Deserve

All the basic & regular questions are answered by DeskMoz team right in the chat, just the way we helped Jill here & for the specialty questions, real-time tickets are assigned to you or your team.

And New Heights for your Business!

With DeskMoz providing your customers with all the information & support they need, you & your team can invest your valuable time in the things that matter the most.

Our Awesome Features

Our services are everything you need to boost your online sales & customer satisfaction. Explore the new growth avenues with over 125 street smart nerds of DeskMoz.


Get the most out of your marketing budget. With the 24×7 availability of our expert agents, get most of them converted into customers.


To help your real estate business save a little more, we offer free live chat software with our service. We can work on any other chat tool too.


Setting up the chat tool & customizing it with your real estate website isn’t an easy task but unlike our competitors, our setup is complimentary.


Undoubtedly,real-time lead notification is of critical importance for a real estate business. The transcripts & leads are forwarded in real-time.


Your real estate website’s customer support team needs to be as amazing as your sales team. With DeskMoz you get the exact amazing support.


Our advanced dashboard is your real-time encyclopedia for your chat data & additionally serves as an invaluable marketing resource as well.


Real estate prospects don’t wait for anyone nor do we. Within just 24-48 hours of your sign-up, we train & deploy our agents to your website.


Our 10 days free trial provides you ample time to test us on every parameter & ensure that we are the best fit for your real estate website.

You are in a great company!

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