Been There, Done That!

DeskMoz’s in-house professional Outsource Chat Service live chat agents cost just a fraction of your in-house team budget but have been adding immense growth especially to the undermentioned industries by performing the following key tasks, right on the website, 24x7

Why is DeskMoz The Obvious Outsourcing Webchat Solution?

A lot goes into the list but here are the top reasons why-

Sheer Experience; 15+ Years, 200+ Clients, Millions of chats

While the others might look at live chat support as a mere medium of service, we see it as an absolute art. An art that might appear utterly demanding while seeking a perfect blend of knowledge, alacrity, accuracy, team work, affection & juggling but once you have practised it round the clock, for years & have gotten the better of it, begets priceless results in the form of sales growth, lead generation, customer retention & customer satisfaction.

DeskMoz has practised this art by taking millions of live chats for over 15 years now.

Having delivered live chats through & through on industries of all types & sizes from across the globe, what DeskMoz plans to add to your website as a Live Chat Outsourcing solution is better seen than said.

Peerless Features, Unmatchable Performance

What DeskMoz brings to your table is a set of features which is so hard-earned that despite being explained in detail on the website, remains pretty much of a herculean task for the other service providers to attain.

A highly professional team of 125+ experienced in-house live chat agents (no work from home college dropouts or inexperienced freelancers), industry’s best live chat software for free, turnaround time of just 24-48 hours, real-time sales leads notification via SMS & email, insightful dashboard, dedicated manager & a lot more!

Rock Bottom Pricing, Sky High Results

Delivering 24x7 managed live chat agents service in-house is easier said than done.

Imagine how costly of a deal it is to self-finance recruiting multiple chat agents for all the 3 shifts, training & putting them to the task, managing their annual increments & other employer expenses, operating a 24x7 setup, purchasing computers, sourcing & subscribing to expensive software & putting money down for numerous heads that will start showing up when you will actually start getting into it & add up the out of blue expenses too.

DeskMoz’s outsource customer support services does all that for you for as low as USD 199/ month, without missing a beat.

Stay on The Top, Without Breaking a Sweat

DeskMoz is a professional team which has worked long enough on the websites from pretty much all the industries.

Such an extensive work experience has resulted in development of an infallible live chat strategy.

Our tried & tested strategies, impeccable focus on details & round the clock dedication means that every single message being sent to your invaluable website visitors result in more onsite conversion, lead generation & customer satisfaction.

DeskMoz’s promise is to stop at nothing to ensure that you see the same control, dedication, flexibility & most importantly, the results as you desire to see from your in-house team.

The DeskMoz Commitment

DeskMoz is a bootstrapped idea which came into existence when our Co-founder duo were in the same dilemma 15 years ago, you are in right now; how to take care of your website visitors, sales leads generation, onsite conversion, customer satisfaction & customer retention when you have to run a complete machinery of business with uncountable moving parts, all by yourself?

The absence of the luxury of any plug & play solution in the market, they did the legwork of trying & testing different models all by themselves & on the basis of their personal findings & failures & feedback of the network, they modified & commercialised the project as what we call DeskMoz.

Since DeskMoz is a solution which rose from the ground up as a personal project, the design & function is highly adaptable to bespoke needs. The best part is; it’s still being headed by the same passionate Co-founders. :)

Power Packed Suite of Features

DeskMoz’s peerless set of features is everything you need for a result oriented online chat support outsourcing solution.

In-House Live Chat Agents

DeskMoz’s professional chat agents are our full time employees who come with a rich experience of exceptional live chat service.

No Commitments Asked

DeskMoz is a plug & play solution in real terms. We neither ask you for a minimum business period nor cause exit complications.

Free Software & Setup

Industry’s most advanced, robust, swift, customisable, secured & widely used live chat software comes free with the managed service.

Notifications on The Move

The moment a chat is completed, a sales lead is generated or a support ticket is created, you get notified via SMS & email.

Assigned Manager

A manager is assigned to your account right from day 1. His/ her only job is to ensure that the service is being delivered just the way you want.

Insightful Dashboard

Stay on the top of all the cogs & gears 24x7 right from your highly insightful dashboard. It shows all the chats & attributes related to them.

Round The Clock Service

DeskMoz’s chat widget & live chat operators stay available on your website 24x7 to ensure that no opportunity gets missed ever.

Completely Free Trial

A 10 days trial is offered completely free. You don’t even need to attach your card for that. Come, analyse & pay. As simple as that.

Live in 24-48 hours

Our professional live chat heroes are trained & deployed on your website within just 24 to 48 hours. That includes chat software setup too!

A Piece of Advice from One Forward Looking, Customer Centric Company to Another

Forward looking & customer centric. Yes, we are right when we call you that. If you were not, you wouldn’t be on this page, on this website. Your hard-earned website visitors & customers are your most valuable business assets indeed. Just the way you are for us.

You know the answer, right? So, let your friends at DeskMoz’s outsourced live chat operators services take care of your live chat support, onsite conversion, sales leads generation & customer satisfaction 24x7 & you do what you love doing the most; growing the business.

Let’s jump on a call to discuss your live chat goals & how DeskMoz’s 24x7 in-house live chat agents can accomplish that for you.


Got any questions about DeskMoz’s outsourced customer chat service? Here are the answers-

Onboarding Questions

Live Chat setup takes just 24 to 48 hours. That includes live chat operators’ training & chat software setup on your website. The process is as fast you are.
Simply sign-up for the 10 days free trial & share FAQs. Within 24-48 hours, agents will be trained & deployed to your website.
Nothing all all. Live Chat software code is a highly secured JavaScript that is required to be pasted in the source code of the website, before the end body tag. Customisations are done from the dashboard.
Around 90% of the users come from countries whose substantial amount of population speaks English. This includes the USA, the UK, Australia, the UAE, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand etc. Rest of the countries are provided with an amazing live chat experience using our native language translator tool.
Businesses of all the sizes & from all the industries can use live chat, excepting the ones which are mentioned as prohibited in the Terms of Use.
The Customisation Team takes care of the interface part & is approved in one go 99% of the time. If any further changes are required, they are done just the way they are required.
Live chat sales leads & support tickets are notified real-time via SMS & email to as many team members as you want. Just put in their phone numbers & email address in the dashboard.
Those who work as full time live chat operators come with a rich experience of live chat support & are terrific at learning new businesses quickly. Besides, they are trained by a professional in-house training team & supervised by highly experienced managers.
Since as low as 27 cents are charged per hour, the agents are needed to be shared with multiple websites but only up to the limit where performance remains as good as dedicated agents’ performance.
Just nothing. Your Dedicated Manager’s only job is to take care of the service on your behalf. But it is advised to keep sharing feedback & updates.
Committed response time of 50-60 seconds but the efforts are always put towards keeping response time till 45 seconds.

Advantages Questions

In a live chat engagement, your website visitors either click on the live chat on your website by themselves or respond to a live chat greeting while browsing the website.

Once they have filled their questions in the optional pre chat survey, the chat request triggers on chat agents’ screen & is responded by 1 of them from the first question till the end.

As soon as the chat gets completed, the chat transcript is notified to you via SMS & email as per your preference & is updated in your DeskMoz dashboard.

Numerous agents are trained during the 48 hours training & the best of them are allocated to your project. So, they are already taught a lot about your business even before taking the first chat.

Rest, the knowledge base prepared during the training is always accessible to them in our system on just 1 click. This knowledge base gets automatically updated as per the changes you made in the FAQs section of your DeskMoz dashboard.

That can happen with your best in-house Support Managers as well. In such a case, the agent professionally tells the visitors that one of the core team members will get back to them via email or phone with the answer soon & collects their email address & phone number.

As soon as the chat gets completed, it is notified real-time to you via SMS & email & gets updated in your dashboard. You can then follow up that visitor & update that missing piece of information in your DeskMoz dashboard.

As soon as a visitor lands on the website, the proactive live chat greeting pops up at defined duration with a greeting & offers live chat assistance to the visitor. The greeting could be related to an ongoing offer or just general assistance.

The greeting can also be set to pop up at certain actions.

Simply, go to the FAQs section of your DeskMoz dashboard & add the update. It will get notified to all the agents real-time.

Alternatively, you can notify that via simple email or call your dedicated manager.

There are no lock-in periods. You can cancel whenever you want. The payment is collected in advance for the next 30 days. So, if you ever decide to cancel or pause the service, just drop us an email & do not pay next month.

All of our chat agents come with rich experience of the live chat support industry & hold bachelor's degrees in diverse fields from English universities

We have over 125 team members who work 24x7 for over 200 clients right from our company owned offices in Jaipur, India. They are our full time employees who are hired only after tight scrutiny & complete background verification.

We always keep data security at the centre stage of our business & do not compromise with its safety even by a bit. High end data security systems & practices are used 24x7 & are inspected continually.

You may like to read more about our data security environment on the Terms of Use page.

Your DeskMoz dashboard provides you with all the chat transcripts including the sales leads & support tickets. You can also find data related to response time, chat rating, chat trigger pages, Google Analytics analysis on chat engagement, chat geography, proactive chat to reactive chat ratio & a lot more in downloadable format.

Of course! Please feel free to add as many team members as you want. You can also define the access level you want to provide them.

DeskMoz’s dashboard integrates seamlessly with thousands of apps, including CRM, CMS, email delivery system etc. via Zapier integration & native integration.

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