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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Scheduling campus visits, counselling sessions, interviews & other meetings for the student & staff members
  • Generating sales leads & notifying them to you real-time by SMS & email.
  • Answering enquiries of the students & the visitors, such as- whom to contact for generating the transcripts? etc.
  • Assisting students with depositing fees & coordinating the other meetings & events.
  • Receiving & channelizing the documents from the customers for admissions, college trips etc.
  • Informing various pieces of information to the visitors over chat.
  • Delivering seamless customer support & making your university website student-friendly.
  • Serving as a 24×7 counselor to the students for admissions, examinations, stress, bullying etc.


Support Department- Why So Chaotic?

We all can agree that a significant number of people who visit the Support Departments of your College/ University, come with the common questions & similar concerns.

Undoubtedly, addressing these people gets your staff unnecessarily occupied with time consuming-unproductive tasks & is an equal waste of time & efforts for the visitors as well.

Well, We Have Got The Solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional live chat agents who remain available on your university/ college website 24×7 to provide support to your visitors with complete ease.


With all their basic questions getting answered real-time by DeskMoz chat agents right on the website, your visitors start preferring visiting your website-support over reaching out to the college’s support department.

Supporting The Smart Way

All the basic questions are answered by DeskMoz team right in the chat & for the speciality questions, real-time tickets are assigned to the concerned department of your college/ university.


Your support team which used to be tied-down handling the unnecessary traffic can now focus on key-tasks as they have very limited questions to be answered

And Happier Everyone!

So when everyone’s counting on you, you can count on DeskMoz.

You are in a great company

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