Food Delivery Business?

Let us Deliver Awe Inspiring Live Chat Support to your Customers

While you Deliver

Mouth Watering Food to them!


  • Helping visitors in finding the meals on the basis of taste, nutrition profile etc.
  • Sky rocketing customer retention by being available 24x7 for all of their post sales questions.
  • Matching their order size with the suitable coupon codes proactively or upon request.
  • Upselling & cross-selling more items & long term subscriptions as per their behaviour.
  • Increasing onsite conversion by sending behaviour & duration based chat widget greetings.
  • Growing brand value by instilling confidence in the visitors with 24x7 real-human live chat support.
  • Using CMS to answer the real-time status based questions of the customers. Such as- delivery status, making changes in the orders etc.
Let 24x7 delightful live chat support be another reason for your customers to savour your food! Try for Free


With Great Taste, Comes Great Responsibility

The visitors on your website come rolling in, craving for spell bounding food.

While your food might be great at it, some other impressions can take the taste away.

Common situations on food delivery websites such as; not being able to find the meals with the perfect blend of the taste & nutrition they are after, finding or applying the coupon code, putting in delivery locations & additional remarks etc. are a nightmare.

DeskMoz’s professional chat agents take care of all such situations & a lot more with ultimate ease.

Awe Inspiring 24x7 Customer Support; Proactively & Reactively

DeskMoz’s professional live chat support is delivered round the clock both proactively & reactively.

Proactively, by popping up the chat widget with the page specific greeting automatically at certain duration or as per the browsing behaviour of the visitor.

Reactively, by not popping up more than once throughout the browsing session of a visitor & staying available on the right bottom corner of the website, at the disposal of the visitor.

Simple & Swift Answers to Complicated Questions

Hunger makes people complicated to understand but our experienced chat agents have a way with responding to questions of all the types simply, swiftly & accurately.

Our chat agents work right under our supervision, with years of experience under their belt & enormous knowledgebase under their tips.

Leads & Tickets Notified Real Time

Be it soup, sales leads or support tickets; best served hot is the ground rule.

The sales leads & support tickets DeskMoz’s agents created on your website are indeed a highly valuable resource for you.

You may want to have a quick look at the unresolved ones & follow up ASAP for the big opportunities they lie within themselves.

To help you do so easily & swiftly, all the sales leads, support tickets & the resolved chat transcripts are notified to you real time via SMS & email.

Serving The Best, Right from The Beginning

While DeskMoz’s professional chat agents try to resolve as many chats as possible right on the website, some questions fall outside the knowledgebase we prepare.

To manage those cases, we create sales leads & support tickets for you.

These tickets are notified to you real-time via SMS & email so that you could follow up them.

To help us in answering those questions next time they get asked, we request you keep updating us with those pieces of information. Rest, we also keep browsing your website thoroughly to keep ourselves updated with the latest events.

Getting Better with The Time

Wine & DeskMoz’s performance have a great thing in common; while they are good on any given day, they only get better with time.

Your feedback & our chat agents continual quick learning soon makes as good as your best sales & support managers.

Don’t buy our words. Just see it for yourself with the 10 days free trial!

Our Happy Clients Are Our Best Advocates

We are proudly serving over 300 clients across the globe. These clients come from different industries with different sizes of projects & different needs. Our success can be measured best on the basis of their shining feedback.

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