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Boost Your Ecommerce Visitor-to-Buyer Conversion Rate

Phone support is costly & its never-ending queues are frustrating. Modern problems require modern solutions.
That is why 300+ businesses rely on DeskMoz for proactive & meaningful conversations.

DeskMoz is a team of in-house 200+ highly trained, professional Live Chat Agents who hold expertise in boosting onsite sales & customer support of e-commerce stores.

See us as an extension of how aptly you would answer your store's live chats.

Why DeskMoz's Service =
Happy Customers &
More Customers

  • Boosting visitor-to-buyer conversion ratio.
  • Answering store visitors' in-depth enquiries.
  • Slashing cart abandonment & bounce rate.
  • Generating highly qualified hot sales leads.
  • Navigating visitors to the right product pages.
  • Assisting customers in tracking order status.
  • Collecting feedback & addressing grievances.


Here is a common scenario to explain how DeskMoz works & gets e-commerce stores the maximum value-

Opportunity Knocks!

  • A potential customer is out there on the internet trying to find a pair of fancy party shoes.
  • Thanks to your SEO, she clicks your e-commerce store's landing page & enters the store.
  • The store has got an amazing UX & nice product placement. She proceeds with the search.

In a Fix:(

  • She does all the relevant keyword searches, applies filters, puts sorting & finds something.
  • But to her dismay, the shoes she dug so arduously for, happen to be running out of stock.
  • That is just one of the innumerable lost sales where DeskMoz's 24x7 Chat Agents jump in.

We Have Got The Solution!

  • Here, our complementary chat widget automatically pops up to ask if she needs assistance.
  • DeskMoz's professional Live Chat Agents remain available on your e-commerce store 24×7.
  • See us as the round-the-clock working avatar of your best Sales Reps or Support Managers.

Win Back!

  • DeskMoz Chat Agent professionally collects her contact details & assures a solution for her.
  • The contact details & the chat transcript are emailed to you right away to earn the sale back.
  • We convert maximum visitors into customers right on live chat. Escalation is the last resort.

Thrive ッ

  • Research shows that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience.
  • And, 58% of the customers need that just 1 negative experience to withdraw their business.
  • But with DeskMoz, you need not to worry. We are tried & tested & keep clients on the top.
  • You are not alone. DeskMoz's 200+ highly trained & experienced Live Chat Agents are adding immense growth to lead generation & customer satisfaction of 300+ businesses since 18 years.

    So, let's start 10 days completely free trial & see us in action in 48 hours.

Our Happy Clients Are Our Best Advocates

We are proudly serving over 300 clients across the globe. These clients come from different industries with different sizes of projects & different needs. Our success can be measured best on the basis of their shining feedback.

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