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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Boosting visitor-to-buyer conversion ratio by delivering seamless customer support 24×7.
  • Minimizing cart abandonment by answering sales closing questions promptly.
  • Navigating clients to the pages & the products they are looking for.
  • Assisting clients with almost everything such as- applying coupons or making payments.
  • Answering general enquiries of your visitors such as- how soon will the red dress be in stock?
  • Tracking & informing shipping & order delivery status to the customers.
  • Getting the maximum number of the visitors to make a purchase by offering discounts in chats.
  • Generating sales leads & support tickets & notifying them to you real-time.
  • Serving as the most effective means of taking visitors’ & customers’ feedback & addressing their grievances.


You spend a fortune on attracting visitors to your ecommerce website but not many of them make a purchase. But, why? Well, our 14 years of customer support experience has got the answer! Here we have tried to answer the question by depicting a regular online shopping experience of a typical ecommerce visitor.

Opportunity Knocks!

For instance, Jill has got a party to attend & is looking to buy a nice pair of shoes.

She types in ‘Buy Shoes’ on search engine & thanks to your favorable SEO, she lands on your website.

In a Fix

Here, she simply looks up for shoes & selects the type of shoes of her choice.

She finally clicks on her size but unfortunately gets unwelcomed by a unhappening message- 'Oops! This product has been discontinued.'

This scenario is just one of the innumerable bottlenecks which make online shopping a little difficult for your visitors and often urges them to leave the website.

We Have Got The Solution!

DeskMoz is a team of professional live chat agents who remain available on your ecommerce website 24×7 & answer all the questions of your visitors real-time. Call us your best salesman who works round the clock.

Noticing Jill stuck on the same page for a long time, our chat widget automatically pops-up to know if we could be of any help.

DeskMoz chat agent meekly collects her contact details & assures a solution to her problem.

Win Back!

The collected contact details along with the chat transcript are immediately forwarded to the concerned department of your company both by an email & a text message.

Remember, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience & 58% customers need just 1 negative experience to withdraw their business.

So, with DeskMoz going that extra mile to deliver the support your customers deserve, you can let your hair down & let us grow your sales 3x round the clock.

Again, we have promised to be your “go-to” for all your customer support needs.

You are in a great company

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