The Best 24x7 Live Chat for Car Dealers & Car Dealership Leads? DeskMoz is The Solution!

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How We Can Help 24X7

  • Booking demo visits, vehicle service or insurance renewal for your visitors.
  • Generating new sales leads & notifying them to you real-time 24x7.
  • Answering the general enquiries of your visitors, such as- what all colors or parts are available etc.
  • Helping the clients in making payments & coordinating the breakdown service.
  • Receiving the visit related or service details from the clients.
  • Informing the demo visit or vehicle service status to the clients.
  • Delivering seamless customer support & making your brand client-friendly.
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Been There, Done That

Let’s be honest, we often need someone to tell us the answers even when the answers are right in front of our eyes. But, in business, when a prospect gets into such a confusion, the loss is yours.

Immediate Need of Support

A large number of your prospects feel the very need of your support at the very odd time. But, that’s how opportunity looks in automobile business, right?

We Have Got the Solution

DeskMoz is your one-stop solution for getting maximum of your visitors converted into paying clients, delivering perfect customer support round-the-clock & adding more promptness & smartness to your automobile website.

Perfection, Right in The Chat

Professional chat agents of DeskMoz aim towards ensuring that none of your visitors leave the website without getting all their questions answered.

Retention of The Business

Our experienced agents stop at nothing to make sure that your visitor experiences amazing customer support & you keep gaining the business.

Simply Success!

DeskMoz is your own support team which happens to be working a little far from your office. See DeskMoz as your best salesman available on your website 24×7!

Brands we Love Working with:

Our Happy Clients Are Our Best Advocates

We are proudly serving over 300 clients across the globe. These clients come from different industries with different sizes of projects & different needs. Our success can be measured best on the basis of their shining feedback.

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