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More Success for your Leisure, Travel & Tourism Website with DeskMoz’s Live Chat Experts!

How We Can Help 24X7

Helping the visitors in making custom online bookings as easily as possible.
Generating the Sales Leads & notifying them to you in real-time.
Answering the enquiries of your visitors 24×7, such as- does any insurance cover their trip to Africa etc.
Helping the clients in making the payments online & making last minute changes to the plans.
Receiving & channelizing the various details/ documents from the visitors & clients.
Informing the follow-up status to the visitors/ clients about their bookings.
Delivering seamless customer support & making your brand client-friendly.

Dire Need of Support

A large number of your visitors visit your website in order to avail themselves of the best offers on flights, hotels, restaurant tables etc. With DeskMoz’s Live Chat Agents available on your website round-the-clock, your visitors get to make the best choice.

Opportunity in Disguise

A near equal number of visitors browse in just to make a quick booking. Such visitors are real opportunities because if you impress them with your support quality, you earn a long-term customer.

Well, we have got the solution!

DeskMoz’s professional Chat Agents hold expertise in converting the maximum number of your visitors into paying customers & leaving the ever-lasting support quality impression on them.

The Most Immediate Support

Our Live Chat Agents are perfect in delivering the perfect support immediately.

Your virtual S.O.S

Our highly experienced Live Chat Agents ensure that every single visitor of yours gets impressed with the promptness & the accuracy of our support quality.

Perfect, Just Like You!

We aim towards delivering the support experience & lead generation process with the perfection that you show in your business.

Our Awesome Features

Our services are everything you need to boost your online sales & customer satisfaction. Explore the new growth avenues with over 125 street smart nerds of DeskMoz.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism websites are visited by the visitor across the globe & love to get the prompt & perfect support round-the-clock.


Our service needs a chat tool to run on. Need not to worry, we provide the best chat tool of the industry for completely free with our service.


The setup of the chat tool & the service takes a good amount of technical knowledge but the only thing we take for that is- thanks!


Sales Leads of a Leisure, Travel & Tourism website are good only for as long as they are real-fresh. DeskMoz forwards the leads to you in real time.


It takes trained chat operators to convert a large number of your visitors into paying customers. So DeskMoz claims your chat support.


For a Leisure, Travel & Tourism website, it is best to be able to access all the information from a single point. DeskMoz’s Dashboard has got it all.


Money has got way too mainstream, time is the new currency. DeskMoz’s expert service goes live on your website within just 48 hours.


Last but not the least, our 10 days completely free trial lets you test us on all your critical parameters & once passed, you can let your hair down.

Really satisfied with their service. They have proved a lot of professionalism, good prices, and I’ve had a really good communication with them. Totally recommended!

~ Simona

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