DeskMoz aims towards becoming a one-point-solution for all your chat support & sales lead generation needs. So, with a team of highly experienced chat agents at your disposal, you may like to get started quickly & not like to get into the quest for finding a live chat software.

We saw you doing that & decided to quicken the process. Thus, DeskMoz brings you a free live chat software.

DeskMoz provides you an amazingly diligent & flawlessly charming LiveChatInc chat tool for completely free, along with the complete installation & customization. Yes, not a single penny for putting the most sought after chat tool in the industry on your website!

Additionally, since our power-packed dashboard is built on the top of LiveChatInc, you get the maximum out of our service by using the LiveChatInc chat tool which we provide for free.

Here is why our free LiveChatInc chat software & the DeskMoz dashboard combo is all that you need to supercharge your customer support & fill your sales funnel

#1 in The Industry

Being a leader in the chat support industry, there is no way we would partner with a chat software below the rank 1.

To take your chat support & the sales lead generation game to the next best level, LiveChat Inc has got everything & more.

Real-Time Sales Leads & Support Tickets by SMS & Email

Among all the things we love, Tacos, sales leads & support tickets are best served hot.

In order to maximize the conversion possibility, as soon as our chat agents generate a sales Leads or create a support ticket on your website, you get notified both by SMS & email.

As for Tacos, they are due on your visit to our office. (Smirk)

Zapier Integration

If you are a fond lover of automating the tasks, then there is no way you wouldn’t have heard about the magic of Zapier integrations. Enough said.

FollowUp Right From The Dashboard

With your time & efforts being so precious, how about saving them a little more? With our free LiveChat Inc chat tool, you can follow-up your sales leads & support tickets, right from your DeskMoz Dashboard by simply putting in your emailer's SMTP settings.

One Touch Information Access

DeskMoz’s diligent dashboard is your real time encyclopedia for all your chat support & lead generation data.

Here, we give you numerous reports on everything including the chats transcripts & the chat agents’ availability. The reports are downloadable, exportable & segmentable with multiple filters.

Highly Customizable Chat Tool

Our free live chat software comes with a wide range of customization options & ensures that it looks exactly like you imagined. The chat tool integrates seamlessly with the design, color & the pattern of your website.

Custom Pop-up Timings

The chat tool lets you define when exactly should it pop-up. You can make it pop-up instantly on the pricing page, a little late on the product/ service page, not pop-up on the Introduction page or remove the chat widget from the Blogs. Just name it.

Engaging Greetings

You can match the welcome message of the chat support with the context of the page, the tool pops-up on.

Visitors purchase more when you greet with product selection assistance on the product page & cart abandonment drops when you greet with a discount coupon on the pricing page.

Pre Chat Surveys

Many times, a nearly-converted prospect or a customer in dire need of support, suddenly leaves a chat before one could even ask their contact details. That’s where our free chat tool’s Pre Chat Survey feature saves the day. It lets your visitors provide your desired details before the chat starts & lets us generate more sales leads for you.

Post Chat Surveys

Your customers have got a lot to say & be it good or bad, it's always a great idea to keep asking for that. Our free chat software’s Post-Chat Survey feature is a tried & tested way to take your customer’s feedback, right after our chat support.

Additionally, it’s an effective method to keep tabs on the support quality.

Social Media Sharing

Your customers love you a lot & on the top of that, our diligent chat tool brings the best opportunity to show that love to the world.

Our free chat tool lets your customers share their views & feedback right from the chat window.

Chat Rating

At times, your customers look for an easy way to express their satisfaction level. Our free chat tool’s Chat Rating feature lets them do the exact thing & serves as another quality metric for you.

Transcript Emailing

A substantial number of our chats with your customers go beyond the regular support. The customers prefer to make a note of the information shared by us & often ask us if we could share the chat transcript with them.

With the Transcript Emailing feature of our complimentary chat tool, they can email the chat transcript to any email address by themselves.

Visitor Recognizer

Your customers admire it a lot when you could recognize them from their last visit. Our free chat window enables our chat agents to recognize the visitors on the basis of the similar IP Address. This improvises the support quality a lot because the customer doesn’t need to reiterate the context.

Sneak Peek & Typing Indicator

Sneak Peek feature real-time shows the exact text being written by the visitor to the chat agents & the Typing Indicator indicates to the visitor & the chat agents, whenever the person on the other side types in the message box. The former helps the chat agents in preparing the response before the visitor sends the message & the latter brings the engagement factor in the chat.

Responsive Chat Window

The chat window is completely responsive to the device your website is accessed on. Be it a 40 inches monitor or a 4 inches cellphone, the chat widget looks & functions like an integral part of your website.

Secured Connection & Data

Our free chat tool is backed with the data centers in Germany & Netherlands & secured by 256bit SSL Protocol encryption. This means that not only your customers are in the best hands their data is also in the best vaults.

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