E-Learning Services?

Your customers & prospects need 24x7 managed live chat support, as proficient as your content is.

Let DeskMoz deliver that!

How We Can Help Your E-Learning Business 24x7

  • Helping prospects select the course, module, package, lesson etc. suitable for them.
  • Upselling & cross-selling on the basis of the preferences & available options.
  • Providing the coupon codes on the basis of how big & demanding the prospect is.
  • Increasing customer retention by delivering complete post sales support round the clock.
  • Maximising onsite conversion using duration & behaviour oriented page-specific greetings.
  • Instilling confidence & building customer-centric brand image with exemplary 24x7 live chat support.
  • Managing CMS to answer order & account based questions of the customers right in the chat, without escalation.
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New Visitor, New Opportunity, New Questions

With every new visitor you receive on your e-learning website, you explore a new opportunity to get a new client onboard.

Since each human being has some sort of variance in their perception, each visitor comes up with a new variation of the questions & expects the accurate answer to convince himself to purchase your e-learning material.

Pre Active & Pro Active Support 24x7

The visitor is offered live chat support on the basis of how long he has been browsing the website or a single page. You simply tell us the duration you want the chat widget to pop up with the page specific greeting & we will take care of the rest.

Of course, the visitor can always start the chat from his end as well.

To The Point, Smart Answers

The visitor might have a plethora of what, which, why, when, who & how questions about your e-learning products.

DeskMoz’s professional chat agents will be answering all of their questions 24x7 to the point & in a fashion which will instill confidence in them to do the business with your brand.

The chat agents will also professionally try cross selling & up selling as per your choice.

Real Time Chat Transcript Notification

The chat transcript is indeed a valuable asset of your company in a way that it consists the intent of a prospective customer along with his contact details, it aids you in understanding how a visitor looks at your business from a neutral perspective, it shows you the new questions & answers you shall add to your website FAQs.

To help you stay on the top of all of that, the chat transcript is emailed & texted to you real-time 24x7.

Continual Learning & Improvements

No matter how elaborated your FAQs are, many questions are going to fall outside them as well.

The chat agents try to answer as many of them as possible right in the chat but for the exceptional ones, we collect the visitors’ contact details & tell them that the core team i.e. you will get back to them soon via email.

After the completion of the chat, we request you to provide an answer to that question so that we could answer them next time anyone asks it.

In addition to that, we keep a close eye on your website to notice the changes & update our knowledgebase accordingly.

Your Feedback & Upgradations

We request you also keep a tab on the chat quality from the chat transcript notifications & your DeskMoz dashboard. From the dashboard, you can share your remarks & feedback on each & every chat individually.

Your input gets notified to the agents & other teams real-time & then only, the change gets implemented.

Our Happy Clients Are Our Best Advocates

We are proudly serving over 300 clients across the globe. These clients come from different industries with different sizes of projects & different needs. Our success can be measured best on the basis of their shining feedback.

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