Chat Agent Service

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Lead Generation From Chat

This is what our chat agents are trained for. They are qualified, capable, and experienced in generating contact details from the visitors who are looking to buy products or services on your website.

The clients will always be happy if they receive an instant response to their queries; it develops their pre-purchase satisfaction and trust. These leads can easily be converted into sales. The all-time favorite quote is “Customer is King,” and the king should be given royal services. At DeskMoz, we serve your customers as kings with exceptional and customized services.

DeskMoz is the result of our research team and dedicated chat agents. Our team is experienced in delivering customer support services, especially for generating sales lead. Our aim is to strengthen the customer-centric organizations by adding value to their customer support service.

Full Chat Support

DeskMoz offers full chat support, which includes tailored chat agents as per business requirements. In this internet era, when every website is spending some or most of their marketing budget on various platforms then it’s imperative to treat every single visitor as a potential customer. A visitor can be a window-shopping buyer or your next biggest client or your existing client who needs some support.

We understand that you must have spent a lot on Google Adwords, SEO or other digital marketing strategies. To get the best return on investment, you need someone 24×7 on your website which can attend all the visitors. One, who can actually put efforts in converting visitors to customers. One who can answer all their queries. DeskMoz’s Agents help you in this process of conversion.

An online business requires 24×7 presence to communicate with website visitors and respond to their queries. Our dedicated team of chat agents helps the client’s business to grow by responding all the queries of the website from visitors. Online business is beyond the time frame because a customer can contact any time; it has become the necessity of online business to be present all the time. DeskMoz provides services regardless of time. Our team is always online on three different shifts to provide round-the-clock services. This helps not only in generating leads but also in awesome customer support.

Awesome Dashboard - Fully Loaded for Lead Generation