Getting More Website Leads with Campaigns

Have you been wondering lately whether or not your email campaign was a success? The campaign that you conducted helped in reaching the inbox of the target audience but was the emails even opened by them? This is where you could use some IQ, i.e. Sales IQ, live chat software provides you all the details that e-mail campaign cannot and that too in real time.

Personally, as a user I would rather opt for chatting with the representatives of the website than opening sent e-mails, the first reason being that live chat service is more convenient and authentic form of communication and the second that I get a ton of e-mails I cannot practically go through every one of them and waste the clicks that could be put to better use like shopping online.

Once the recipient of the campaign visits the website, his or her activity on the website, everything starting from the user’s number of pages browsed to the time spent on the web page can be seen by you as the live chat agent on the Sales IQ board.

This intelligence that the live chat software provides can be used for creating more lists of e-mails and follow-ups based on the actions taken by the recipients and also to spot where did the recipients show more interest, which will help your website improve the customization engagement in real-time.

In case, you have been employing the use of live chat software then you must already be aware of the richness of the benefits that real-time monitoring function can offer, encompassing lots of valuable data about the traffic of the website. Not only these details can be used for serving your clients better through live chat but you can also be at the receiving end of smart, functional marketing insights.

If you are running an advertising campaign via an advertising network then I can guarantee that with the use of live chat software you will be able to have a clearer way to track the desired outcomes via the reporting options available from your live chat provider. However, when it comes to effectiveness virtually, you can never get too much report or research on your efforts put into marketing.

DeskMoz as the premium provider of live chat support believes that it is a good practice to get a fresh angle on the marketing campaign outcomes and the best way to convince you to utilize live chat for marketing campaign will be to tell you about the perks of live chat reporting tool in this aspect:

Take a look at the traffic charts

The essential website statistics is the traffic amounts. This refers to the numerical figures of visitors that landed on your website. It is vital to track the traffic numbers over time to witness how well your website does as it expands and attracts a larger audience. The ViewStats feature of live chat allows you to run the reports on the data of the visitors and gauge the standard of traffic just in a click. Charts that display an average number of page views, visits, time spent on the page of the website are really comprehensive and useful.

You can select the reporting period since the traffic statistics tracking was already enabled on your account so that you can compare the charts before with the ones during each advertising campaign.

Keywords are literally gold mines

The live chat software allows you to find at a single glance your top keyword, as well as top referring sites and the list, go on, it automatically evaluates the traffic data of the website and briefs it into simpler, clear reports.

Having the knowledge of exactly what search phrases the clients use to search for products and services will enable you to increase the available search engine traffic. On the other hand, the live chat tool will allow you to identify the relevant keywords which you can use in PPC campaigns. Employing their use in Yahoo Search Marketing Campaigns and Google AdWords will offer better coverage and will also increase your Return on Investments or ROI.

Get to know your referrers

Referrers can give you a brilliant insight. Traffic sources that send the people to your website are essential to marketing campaigns. Having the knowledge on which source tends to send more traffic to your site can assist you in increasing your overall traffic. With live chat reporting tool, you will receive a detailed report on your top sources and these statistics will assist you in understanding how your site is enhancing and what you can do to help it grow more, better.

You should keep close tabs on these numbers and also make an attempt to find ways in which you can improve the marketing strategy of your company.

The creative ways in which you can employ the use of live chat are:

Now that you know that live chat software lets you pull up an online stool and chat with your website visitors at their peak point of interest, then how do you propose to begin analyzing whether or not live chat tool is a good fit for your marketing and sales objectives?

So, take a look at the ways in which you can use live chat and come up with ideas to mimic or adapt the strategies to improve customer experience as well as drive more growth within your enterprise.

New client onboarding assistance

There are many online investment advisors who employ the use of targeted upbeat chat invitations to interact with the top tier customers when they register for a new account. Dealing with the user’s money demands utmost trust and credibility.

Rather than only relying on the established UX flows to move the customers down the investment fund, proactive chat provides the opportunity for the advisors to offer immediate, customized financial services to fresh customers so that they are able to invest with confidence.

Moreover, this intelligence that the live chat service provides can be used for creating more lists of e-mails and follow-ups based on the actions taken by the recipients and also to spot where did the recipients show more interest, which will help your website improve the customization engagement in real-time. Here you can read about the ways to verify if the email addresses are valid.

Availability of proactive chat on 404 pages

There are certain things more frustrating than being unable to find the thing that you look for, and landing on a 404 page often results in the visitors to existing the website.

I know that because that what I do whenever I try to get on a site but end up on a 404 page, without even thinking, I go to their competitors’.

In this situations, the thing that you can do rather than suggesting links to the visitors that may or may not work, you can instantly fire an automated proactive chat invitation whenever the visitors land on the 404 page so that they can without wasting any time guide the visitors to go to the page or content that they wanted to visit in the first place.

Multilingual chat support

The secret to the global success of organizations is their diverse set of live chat agents who speak several languages to support the customers. Such websites employ the use of intelligent chat routing norms to instantly connect clients with the appropriate members of their sales as well as the support team in the customers’ preferred language.

Facebook fan page chat

Wouldn’t you want to be the customer of that brand that has a social media presence? I know that I would and in reality that is my first preference.

The best websites always try to connect with the customers on every channel and if you want your marketing campaign to mean something and give the best outcome then add the live chat tab on your social media pages so that your fans and followers are able to follow and connect with the time anywhere and at any time without having to close their social media tabs or signing out of their accounts.

This approach will serve as a great lead generating channel for the website’s sales and marketing team.

Text-to-chat customer support service

There are many websites that provide SMS-to-chat services that allow customers to commence live chat with their customer support team through a simple text message

They exhibit their “Text-to-chat” number on their website, to order receipts and pack slips to rapidly facilitate interactions around order status, inquiries, and returns.

Targeted proactive chat invitations

The best thing that you can learn from pet online stores is that they not only use the dog agent picture to engage with their visitors but also trigger the targeted proactive chat invitations that are specific to the needs of the customers on the specific pages of the website.

Their helpful texts offer a good balance between self-help resources and the chance to get customized support just with the click of a button.

Real-time virtual counseling

Sites that are dedicated to helping customers use live chat tool to provide instant assistance as well as assessment for the users that are struggling with questions.

Operating in an environment where each and every second count, such websites rely on the chat to get the users the assistance that they need at the exact moment that they ask for help.

Simple pre-chat form

There are websites that use a simple pre-chat form to collect basic details and offer users the opportunity to send an e-mail or connect with the live chat agent.

Keeping the fill-up form short with only couple sections eases the path to communication with visitors while also allowing the support team to route the chat and emails to appropriate service team.

Advanced lead qualification

Certain websites rely on live chat software to serve as an extremely dominant front-line lead qualification tool for their sales and marketing teams.

They pass a list of contact information and custom operator variables to their CRM so that they can appropriately assign the website leads follow-up task to the sales team after the termination of the chat.

If you have been lacking behind in the competition due to weak marketing and sales strategy then why not give a chance to live chat support?

There is not only one use but many in which the communication tool of today and the future can be put to use so that you are able to succeed in the marketing campaign and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

The best tip here to deliver the best customer service will be to keep in mind that more than focusing on raising sales will be to focus on how you can be there for your customers all the time. It is because when you show the customers that you are ever ready to assist them and want them to have a pleasant experience from the shopping then they are more than likely to come back to the website and in fact, they will be the ones to promote your website indirectly.

In simpler words, the customers when they are happy with a website to tend to talk about it with their friends, acquaintances, and family members, which mean that without even having to spend a penny you will be able to promote yourself through the customers and that is called word-of-the-mouth marketing.

The same thing the customers do when they are unhappy so if you only want to part of the positive promotion then train your live chat agents in a way that they know their priority should be to help the customers in every way they can and never let them leave the website without the correct solution and answers.

The customers of today want to feel special and important and live chat agents are the only ones who can make them feel confident about the purchase and the time that they spend on the website.

The features of the live chat stated above and how you can employ them to the best use by placing them in certain places will assist you in understanding your marketing efforts effectiveness as well as optimize your advertisement campaigns and quality of traffic.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive live chat reporting then why not give a try to DeskMoz? The attraction of fresh visitors via optimized search campaigns would, without doubt, bring a rapid ROI, making it an extremely cost-effective and efficient tool for your business!