Holding Onto The Script And Chatting Process In A Live Chat

Would you blame a play of being terrible only due to the reason the actor used a script? Of course, the answer is NO.

The same theory is applied to the Live Chat Service. For sure, it is different from the theater- in live chat services, you will be answering the customer’s instant queries and requirements, instead of just offering entertainment. The job of a live chat agent is to get familiar with all diverse possible endings and to lead the clients in the right direction. Below are the few points that will clear all your doubts regarding the need of using a live chat script-

It makes the work effortless

An excellent live chat script will make the job of a live chat agent much easier. This is due to the reason that an agent will always know what he/she has to reply next to the customer. Also, the chat has been pre-approved by the organization, so it generates the sense of confidence in the live chat agent. It sometimes becomes nerve-racking to answer the questions where you find yourself in a condition when you actually don’t know what to say to the customer. Having a script in your hand will reduce the chances of such moments taking place.

• It helps the clients show their trust in you

It is difficult to show your trust in another person these days, but it is essential to show it if you really want to carry out your business productively. As a live chat agent, you are aware of the fact that customers show their trust when you communicate with them clearly. Having comprehensible guidelines from a script will make you a positive person and agents who are confident about themselves are capable of developing the trust of their customers on the products and services offered by their company.

• Live chat script keeps the quality consistent

Instruct your live chat support team to inform which phrases they find most helpful while dealing with the unsatisfied customer. This will prove as beneficial for future hires and less experienced agents, who will need a tried and tested script to carry out their conversation. The necessity of utilizing the live chat script can never be ignored when it comes to consistent quality of the chat. Your company will not want the potential user to talk to the senior agent one day and with an inexperienced agent on the very next day. This indeed will create a huge difference in the quality of live chat service he/she will receive.

• It motivates the organization

All the businesses like to hold on tight to their plans and think it will work out flawlessly. The influence of planning makes you clarify your intentions and motives and forces the businesses to mentally prepare themselves for the curveballs that life will throw on them. The same can be applied to the live chat method when the agent has to keep the record of various responses for diverse scenarios they come across. It is important to keep messages secure and develop a concrete plan. Working with live chat scripts actually pushes the agent to categorize messages under various scenarios for trouble-free retrieval. This will help the agent keep the track of mental index for various problems that come up and how to take care of them, turning the agent into a client service machine.

• Increase productivity

Live chat script is crucial for streamlining efficiency. If the agent knows what to speak and how to speak, then they will perform more productively. This is important when an agent is juggling between the multiple chats at the same time. Typing out the long messages can make the process slow and also prevents the agent from competently responding to the chats. This is the reason why reciting a script is vital if you do not want to take the risk of blanking out. If you are sufficiently prepared, then the customer comments and questions will automatically trigger the correct response.

• You can manage the mood

If an agent has worked effectively on their script beforehand, then he/she will know the positive phrasing that will trigger peace. You can make the use of the phrases like- “We are very sorry, we understand how you are feeling. We are here to take care of your issues now”. If you have the ability to calm down your clients and reach the solution quickly then this is the absolute live chat benefit all should be able to enjoy.

• It gives the opportunity to set an image of your business

Having a live chat script may essentially make your business more exclusive rather than making it more generic. Building a script is an opportunity to brand your business via language. For instance- you may deal with a lot of young customers, so you should use the emotions like “Hey” or “Cool”. If you are selling software to technical companies, you may require using specific industry terms. So, take a practice with your script if you really want to “wow” your customers.

• Scripts require a shot

The live chat agent should prepare a great script because a finely written script can prove as the jumping-off point for a company’s success. Just like a real actor, he/she must write down the right script and everything else will fall into play automatically.

Is it necessary to always go according to the script?

The procedure that the business pursue has a transposition in a manner a Live Chat Customer Service is handled. If the company’s CEO likes the bureaucracy, processes, and control, then leaders have to look after that and most probably they will also need the script to be followed by their live chat agents. In this controlled atmosphere, live chat agents generally request the questions and respond with the answers approved by the management- the conversation occurs in a specific schema. When the agent goes according to the rules, then there is no space for real feelings and emotions. As a result, the conversation looks unnatural.

However, the clients can detect the script utilization while speaking to one of the agents. The clients are intelligent in detecting the difference between varying levels of script utilization, in both customized and standardized encounters.

For example- A group of people was shown a video of moderately scripted, highly scripted, and improved communication among the customers checking into the hotel (standardized experience) and agents, and a client looking for suggestions from a concierge( customized service). On examining it has been found that participants can detect all levels of scripting in both the given situation.

Also, the customers don’t mind, if the live chat agent is scripting in their service experience if it is used in a standardized interaction. However, when the client is seeking solutions for more intricate information, then they wish for an improvised discussion focused on the needs of their individual case. What it means, is that the clients expect honest and natural conversation. They want to experience a sense of belongingness and want to know that the agent behind the computer cares about the request made by them and treats them as special.

How to ignore scripted conversation?

Just think that there is a client trying to reach out to you for guidance because his/her internet is not working. If you have ever come across this problem, you may relate to the feelings he/she is going through right now. He/ she is already agitated and gets angry when you ask him/her for the third time that they have turned off the router, only because you require to cross this off from your list of questions.

How to avoid scripted conversation on chat?

Following a rigid script is one aspect. The other one is when live chat agent is not creative and are not listening while fixing the problems at all. One of the faults that the agents make is the excess use of canned responses in their chats. Canned answers are ready-made for queries that happen on a day-to-day basis. So live chat agents do not have to write them over and over again. It is actually a nice characteristic that helps live chat agents become more effective and efficient. But with many characteristics that make our life hassle-free, we need to make use of them intelligently. Since the agents are aware of the truth that the clients can sense unnatural responses or approach while offering the services and that they wish to be treated individually, an agent needs to develop canned responses reasonably and utilize them for standard questions. For instance- “How long do I have to wait for shipment”? You can answer- “the typical time of waiting is 3-5 business days”.

Although, when a client comes to you with complicated problems and asks- “Hi I placed an order and then I changed it after one day and now I don’t know when the package is supposed to arrive”. Instead of replying with a planned response, an agent can dig a little more and attempt to come up with a better solution. You can reply them- “Ok, let me study the case. You placed your order 4 days ago, so it is supposed to arrive at your house by tomorrow, but let me check where your order is right now”.

The time consumed in solving the case does not matter. What matters is the client’s satisfaction after the chat is finished.

Understand how to use too much of canned or prepared answers?

The primary thing you must look out for is client’s satisfaction. You can also use post chat feedbacks containing a few questions to gather the feedback from the clients and know where you should make an improvement. The other thing is personal emotions and feelings. It would have been the best if the agents have radar that is capable of detecting customer’s negative feelings. This radar could turn on at the moment the client gets irritated.

Suppose- when they say- “I already informed you”, “let me enquire again”, “I don’t believe that you understand”. These are the times when an agent should stop and rewind the conversation with a client because maybe you have missed something because of the fact that you were not listening. So, try hard to recognize and comprehend what a client feels and what they require.

Examples for using scripts for live chat services in different scenario

1. How to react when a client reaches you by mistake

“Sorry, it seems like you may have reached us unknowingly.”

2. How to inform your client that you need some time to resolve the issue-

“I am sorry, but I need some time to resolve the issue. Do you mind holding on for a minute while I look for the solution or it is convenient for me to email back to you”?

3. How to respond, when the client asks for the cancellation of subscription

“I am extremely sorry to hear that you are willing to cancel your subscription. Would you mind informing me about the reason behind the cancellation”?

4. How to solve service interruption query.

“Hello, we are currently having a server problem. We are working hard to resolve the issue. We will be posting the status update every minute(Link of the page)”

5. How to transfer a chat to another agent-

Wait for a second; I am going to transfer your chat to the other agent. Have a great day!

6. How to accept faults and what you can do about it-

“I am really sorry. It was our mistake and we will fix it immediately but it may take a couple of hours to settle down everything.”

7. How to answer a client who has forgotten his password

“We are sorry to hear that you have forgotten your password; you can reset it by going to (provide the link).”

Script and improvisations- Figure out the right balance

Having procedures and standards consist of many advantages in terms of creating a reliable client experience and quality control.

Yet, most of the businesses require assessing the worth of consistency versus the benefits of promoting more personalized client oriented live chat services.