Online Help Chat- Why You Should Offer The Services of Proactive Live Chat?

Online Help Chat- Why You Should Offer The Services of Proactive Live Chat?

In order to sustain in the business world, it is vital for a company whether small or big to offer exceptional customer care services. Thousands of products and services are launched in the market every day with the objective to drive more sales and profits. Nowadays it has become a challenge for brands to compete with each other and retain their position in the market. But the question here is what a company can do to generate more leads and deliver better results? With the help of the online help chat, every company can represent its brand in the virtual world and create a name for itself.

Now every brand can connect with its respective target audience despite the geographical and time barrier. Every time an online visitor browses through a company’s website he or she are invited to chat with the live chat agents that are currently available. The customers are greeted with a personalized message. It is a cost-effective online tool to engage with the customers and improve the lead generation rate.



Why big brands should offer the feature of live chat?

Well-established brands such as Food panda and Western union uses the feature of live chat which makes their brand stand out from the rest. The feature of live chat doesn’t only help to drive traffic but to increase the brand awareness as well. A brand can only survive if the company is able to sell enough products and drive profit. There is no point in manufacturing the product that has no buyer. The role of the live chat is to convince the online customers to try the variety of products and services offered by the brand and increase brand awareness.

The data and information gathered by the live chat agents help the company to create a well-researched marketing plan. Bringing the online visitor to the website is not enough; the live chat agents should ensure that they convert the visitor into a valuable customer.

Role of the live chat agents in lead generation

The feature of proactive live chat allows the customer and live chat agent to interact with each other 24/7 without any hassle. The role of the live chat agent is to solve the queries of the customer and provide a feasible solution to them on-time. After initiating a live chat session with the customer, the agents inform and educate the customer about the existing deals and offers. After taking the customer’s preference, needs, requirements, and interest into account the agent offers a list of the products that the customer can choose from.

Sometimes the customer leave the cart abandoned and move to a new website for a number of different reasons such as-

  • Unanswered question.
  • Doubts or queries related to the product.
  • Less information present on the website.
  • Inaccurate product description.
  • Less or no customer reviews and feedback.

In such cases, it is the duty of a live chat agent to handle the queries of the customer and guide the visitor throughout the process. It is the best way to increase the sales and reduce the cart abandonment rate.

According to the Kissmetrics reports, more than 44% of the online customers think that having the option of live chat on a website is important for them as it helps them in making a well-informed decision. And, more than 33% of the online customers brought products because of the live chat session.

The statistics show how important it is to integrate the option of live chat on the company’s website. The live chat is a faster and cost-efficient way for a company to reach the target-audience on time.

The role of the live chat agent is to collect the important customer information such as-

  • Name.
  • Contact number.
  • E-mail address.
  • City.

Such type of information gathered by the agent helps the company to classify its target audience. Once the company knows what type of customer is more interested in buying their products, the company can easily create marketing strategy accordingly.

Gathering an insight helps the company to get more leads in less duration of time. The metrics used by the live chat agents helps the company to assess the overall performance of the brand.

There are many websites such as DeskMoz that offers the services of live chat. The first time users can go for the free trial and try different features offered by live chat. The users can buy a customized plan so that they only pay for the services they want.

One of the best things about live chat is that it can be easily integrated with the CRM system. Using the right online tools and resources helps the agent to store the data systematically. The more traffic a website is able to generate the more lead the company will be able to get. This way the companies and business organizations will be able to use the social media tools and sites more effectively. The live chat software also allows the company to evaluate the overall performance of the agents. Generating the interest of the customer by providing them with sufficient information can be a challenging task, and that is why the live chat agents are trained to handle such a situation with ease.

The information collected by the agents is assembled into a report which is later forwarded to the sales and marketing department of the client’s company. Also, the agents ask the customer to leave a feedback and rate their online customer services. The company uses the feedback to improve their services and provide more exceptional customer services.

Offering the services of the live chat helps the company to find its target audience and deliver the incentives to them on time. It also helps the company save tons of money that they would have spent in hiring the live chat agents. The company can hire the team of professionally trained live chat agents who have the right set of communication skills and know how to handle different type of customers.

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