Live chat solution as sales lead generation: A marketing triumph mantra!

Live chat solution as sales lead generation: A marketing triumph mantra!

Live chat solution in today’s time is the apt way to generate qualified leads, capture potential opportunities for sale and create a positive brand image for the business.

There are many companies that are currently employing the use of live chat as the sales lead generation tool to build trust among their customers and increase revenues at the same time. It has turned out to be an effective customer service tool and is also a powerful marketing instrument. A list of the most sought after lead generation software has also been prepared by FitSmallBusinesses, which is recommended to be checked out from here.

The hope of each and every entrepreneur is to turn every site visitor into a lead and for that lead to eventually become a sale. Live chat is the tool that you need to seize that opportunity through one-on-one interaction, reply to a query or solve an issue that converts the site visitor into a lead and then into a successful sale.

Sales lead generation is the process of identifying and targeting the potential new customers with the intention of cultivating their interest in what you have to offer.

As per a research, approximately 77% of customers admitted to not making a purchase from a site if it does not have live chat.

Live chat as the sales lead generation tool gets help to the customers instantly, thus lowering the wait time to less than 35 seconds on an average. This results in converting more queries on the sites to leads and sales. The customers trust the site more due to the dependency of the live chat assistance. They are more likely to purchase more products just because they know help is just a click away.

As the sales lead generation software for the website, there are numerous ways in which the live chat tool can help you out:

Integrate your chats with CRM

Integration of live chat and CRM is perfect for efficiently providing support to your existing as well as new customers. The CRM system requires name, contact details as a minimal requirement for sales lead generation. The same can be easily captured when a visitor requests for a live chat on the website.

The information can be easily stored in the CRM with easy integration employing the use of third-party software or APIs. Some live chat solutions have their own integrated CRM systems, which avoids the need for compatibility and integration.

The major perks of CRM integration are:

  •    After the chat sessions, the CRM records are updated effortlessly.
  •    Allows the chat agents to gain more and beneficial perspective into the history of the customer.
  •    Facilitates easy and instant resolving of the queries asked by the customers by going through the chat history.

Connects with Facebook Messenger for sales lead generation

It can be said without a doubt that Facebook till date holds the lion share of the pie as compared to the other social media platforms. This platform is the one that continues to find innovative ways to assist businesses in enriching the journey of their customers. The businesses can embed Facebook Messenger button on their site.

Benefits of connecting your sales lead generation software with Facebook Messenger:

  •    You will be able to easily establish a conversation thread in the Messenger even via mobile.
  •    With Facebook, you will be able to immediately get the full name of the client along with their language preference, zone time and many other helpful details.
  •    You will be able to easily integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot or any other customer service or CRM system that supports Facebook handover protocol.

Employ the use of visitor analytics to comprehend your potential customers

The visitors generate data when they pay a visit to your site. The commencing point could be how they found your site. After landing on your site, the information on what they click, which page they stay on longer will be useful for getting to know what they want. These are some of the many data points that can be tracked and the potential clients can be identified instantly.

Where a site visitor clicks on the site can act as the trigger point. For instance, a visitor may click on different parts of the picture that can then possibly trigger the invitation to live chat with an agent. The agent can then guide the visitor with more details about the products and services displayed in the clicked picture with its variants and much more.

What does live chat as the sales lead generation software exactly allows you to do?

Now that you have a good idea of why you should opt for live chat as the sales lead generation tool and what advantages such use presents. Do you think there will be anything better than DeskMoz?

For effective sales lead generation, you only have to focus on meeting the needs, requirements, and expectations of your site visitors and keeping them satisfied, no matter what the cost and that is exactly what DeskMoz’s live chat as the sales lead generation software enables you to achieve.

Your business is not created for losing out on anything, and certainly losing customers is out of the question. So do not wait and get the best live chat system from DeskMoz as it will do more than providing customer support by making sure that the conversation results in conversions.

Final words

“79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, due to the lack of lead nurturing.” – MarketingSherpa

Lead nurturing, in terms of sales lead generation, is the process of developing and strengthening relationships with purchasers at every stage of the sales funnel.

The sales lead generation software disguised as a live chat tool is definitely a huge plus for any online business to establish a good and effective connection with its site visitors in a meaningful way.

This software is all you need to make sure that all your potential sale deal closers stay happy both before as well as after sales and that is truly a remarkable feature.

The high demand for sales lead generation software is the indication of the high level of trust and dependency of the site visitors and customers on the chat support agents.


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