Use The Feature of Instant Chat to Discover Multiple Business Opportunities.

Use The Feature of Instant Chat to Discover Multiple Business Opportunities.

To achieve the desired goals and objectives, it is essential for a company to implement a well-planned marketing strategy. The task of creating a strategy begins by identifying the target audience and unique selling proposition. Understanding the competition and exploring new ways to promote the business is necessary for every organization. The first step towards achieving the goals is the art of customer engagement. It is not just about engaging with the online visitors but to build brand awareness as well as loyalty. A loyal customer is the one who returns to the same site to shop online and browse the newly launched products and services.

Every time a customer leaves the website without purchasing anything, the company suffers a loss. Providing efficient customer care service is the best way to show professionalism. It shows that a company is actually interested in addressing the issues and concerns of the online customers.

To reduce the bounce rate and ensure that the customer buys at least one item from the site, a company can integrate the services of instant chat. Whether it is gaining an insight, generating revenue or adding new customers to the list, now everything is possible with the right use of the live chat. The different features offered by the live chat services are –

  • Chat ratings.
  • Tracking the online activity of the visitor.
  • Storing and classifying the customer data.
  • Providing multi-language chat.
  • Customizable dashboards.

Why a company should try the services of live chat?

All the features of live chat help the company to improve its lead generation rate. With the advent of technology, the customers expect to be surprised and come across something that is interactive and innovative. That is why so many companies and organizations rely on the services of live chat that helps the customers make a smart buying decision.

If a customer knows what is the best product that they can purchase, the rate of abandoned cart automatically reduces which improves the sales record of the company.

According to the data released by WeChat, 55% of the online customers prefer to leave the cart abandoned if they cannot find a feasible solution to their query or question. Another research conducted by Forrester states that more than 44% the online customers are likely to return to the same site if there are live chat agents present to serve them online.



The role and responsibly of a live chat agent in customer engagement-

The live chat agents specialize in handling more than one customer at the same time. The live chat software allows the agent to store and manage the useful chats for future purposes. This way the customer doesn’t have to wait to get a response and a feasible solution on time. The agents can even initiate a chat with the customers by sending them a personalized greeting message.

In case the customer is confused between two or more products, the agent can guide them and present a much better option. The agents use their skills and knowledge about the company and the type of services it offers. The use of live chat allows the companies to come up with an appropriate sales approach and idea. The customer gets to rate each chat so that the company can gather the essential data and put it to better use.

Once the company is familiar with the likes, preferences, and purchasing behavior of the target audience, they can explore different ways to offer better and more efficient customer care services.

The live chat software notifies the live chat agent every time a visitor is online. This way the agent can know when is the right time to communicate with the customer and convince them to try out the new products.



Providing personalized content helps the customer to connect with the brand. The company can use this opportunity to identify its core strengths and weaknesses. By evaluating the performance of the rival company, it becomes easier to raise brand awareness and offer customized communication.

For the first time users, signing up for the free trial version offered by DeskMoz is the best way to access the various features of live chat. The user can learn how to integrate the services into their website. Once they are satisfied with the results, they can buy a comprehensive live chat package that caters to their needs and requirements.

Another effective way to convince the customer to buy the product is by offering the latest discounts and schemes. The customers will definitely feel the need to shop online to save their time and money.

It is easier to attract new customers if the company is able to generate enough positive feedback, comments, and ratings. The testimonials left by the previous customers help the company to build trust and credibility in the market.

More satisfied customers affect the customer loyalty rate. The success of a company simply depends on its ability to retain old customers and get new customers as well. If a customer is sure about the product they will not hesitate to place an order online. The customized services allow the agents to store the customer data and extract it to offer recommendations and suggestions. The customer will be able to view the list of similar products and items which increases the chances of sales.

The company can use the same information to determine the success rate. The marketing and sales department can identify the main reason a customer came across their website. For instance- With the help of the online chat tools one can identify whether the customer found the website through a keyword or the online advertising.

If the customer has the knowledge and is well aware of a particular brand, then the company can easily acquire new customers. The use of a single and unified platform helps the company to create awareness and promote their services online. With the power of influencing the buyer’s decision, the company can engage with the target audience all over the world.

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