How to end a LiveChat conversation on a good note?

Imagine that you went to a candy shop and you got your favorite candy, you reach the cash counter in your chirpy self but the cashier does not return your smile, in fact, he looks at you with his dead eyes. You leave the shop feeling down and unhappy and you wonder all the way home, why you were you bothered by the behavior of the cashier. Well, the reality is, it is not only you who gets bothered by such behavior. The customers usually want to feel secure about their purchases and that security comes easier when the associate make you feel good and appreciated. This is a lesson to each and every live chat agent that the way that they end the chat really matters and makes a difference.

The rules that you need to follow when finishing a live chat conversation are:

Give the customer a good memory

The last moments of the chats matter a lot because it paints a long term memory in the minds of the customers. Just like the climax of a movie that can make the audience cry or laugh.

The way the chat ends can make the customer feel a lot of emotions, so, as a live chat agent make sure that the chat only ends on a good note.

Do not be abrupt

The primary norm about ending a chat tells the Live Chat Agents of what they should not do. Refrain from blurting out a really curt goodbye to the customer. Even if you said that goodbye with the best intention it is difficult to convey the tone in chat.

That goodbye might generally come off as rude like you are trying to get rid of the customer so that you can move on to the next one in line. When you finish a chat on such note then you make the client feel like he or she is just another problem.

Give your client the exact attention that you gave him or her when he or she approached in the beginning. The client is just as important as he or she was earlier. You do not want the customer to feel that he or she become invaluable to you as soon as he or she has made the purchase. It is because in reality that is what makes him or her more valuable.

Positivity is something that goes a very long way in converting the visitors and one time purchasers into the loyal customers of the website.

Ensure that the needs of the customers are met

The last thing that you want to do is to end the chat with a customer whose needs have not been met. When you feel that the chat is reaching its end then do not make the assumption that you have done everything that you could because there is always a chance to go the extra mile.

Think about your personal customer service experiences, wouldn’t you go back to the websites whose agents did not only meet your expectations but also exceeded them? So, do the same for your customers.

Prior to ending the chat always ask the question if there is anything more that you can do for him or her.

Do not forget to thank the customer

Thanking your client is necessary for ending the live chat conversation. The simple thank you will let the customer know that the conversation was more than just about earning money. Thanking the customer for the business is similar to thanking him or her for the relationship if she or he chooses to have with your brand.

Therefore, do not be afraid to thank your customers personally. Address the clients by their name to add that extra special personal touch. Always follow the golden rule of treating the others in the exact way that you want to be treated.

Say goodbye in a way that loosely translates to talk to you soon

When you are ready to end the conversation, remember that this is not the last time that the customer chooses to converse with your website. Let the customer know that you are available for them and will be looking forward to the next time he or she wants to converse with the representatives from the website.

Never end the chat on the forever goodbye note. It is because as a live chat agent you have the power to lure the customer back to your website through the kindness that you show to him or her at that point of time. So end the conversation in the way that conveys the message that you hope to talk to them soon.

Use an amazing script

The underrated yet the easiest way to end the conversation with the customer are to go by the live chat script. It might seem too easy and you might have the fear that the canned responses for the closing statement will seem impersonal but they will not be seen so if they have been crafted in a creative way. Through this way, you will be able to focus on how you can improve your customer service providing skills instead of experiencing the emotion that you are continuously trying to keep up.

The way in which a live chat agent ends a chat tells a lot about the website and the brand and if you want the customers to think of you in good terms then you must coach your Live Chat Operators on how they can end the conversations on brilliant notes.

The live chats should be ended in such ways that the customers cannot keep themselves from talking about your brand with their family and friends and they look forward to coming back to the website for future purchase of the products and for availing the services provided by the website.

Ending things on a good note is not just a practice but a habit that will go a long way in every sense!