Generating Dentist Leads the Most Effective Way; Live Chat Support

Thanks to the Internet, there has been a major shift in terms of customer service. Users wish to get the information as fast as possible and live chat support is the best way for perfectly meeting this demand. Several industries like dentistry are successfully leading the path for live chat, and are making the patient experience comfortable than ever. Do you know that adding the live chat operators to a website increases your chances of lead capturing by almost 40%? Be it any query for the dentist or the appointment request, live chat is the most convenient option for quick and efficient generation of Dentist Leads

Nowadays, a modern patient does not have the patience or time to keep waiting for the answers. The need of the hour is to give them the ability to chatting whenever they want to. As the dental practice owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your clients can get their issues resolved timely by live chat support instead of making them wait for long. Fortunately, the ability of live chat to offer quick answers is not only great for the patient engagement but it also helps in increasing conversions and reducing the bounce rates by keeping the inquisitive web users exactly where you require them. 

It is vital to provide viable alternatives for driving leads outside of the routine office hours. Now, this is where the live chat agent comes into the picture as he is available for your customers 24×7 and makes it a point that all their questions are accurately answered. Efficient responses size up the needs of the patient while saving time for the staff as well as increasing the chances of transforming the chat into a real lead.

There is no denying the fact that offering live chat support to your dental websites plays a major role in the process of lead generation as – 

1.  It is Efficient – With the help of live chat, the front desk support staff will easily handle over a single conversation at a time. After all, it is normal for an agent to simultaneously manage 4 or 5 patients with sheer ease. As per the recent study by Zendesk, more than 40% of the online clients prefer the feature of live chat as it gives them immediate answers to their questions. So, as efficient the front desk staff becomes, as high the productivity of your practice will be. 

Also, how can you forget that patients love efficient services? When your team of live chat support is assisting these patients, the latter, on the screen’s other side can do their work without any hassle such as texting their children, paying their bills, or any other task they wish to get done. 

2.  It offers you absolute convenience – Live chat support reduces the stress for patients by making you capable of meeting their requirements more immediately. In this world where everyone is busy round the clock, providing the ability to access information quickly to your patients is an impressive Dental lead generation tool. As per HubSpot, over 85% of the customers rate a “quick” response as significant when they have the customer service question. 

The capability of addressing your client requirements instantly will make them see your practice as reliable and more favorable as compared to the competitors. 

3.  It keeps Records – An important advantage of live chat is its written record of a chat with patients. You can maintain records as well as can track the conversation with patients. In the Dental Industry, it is imperative to keep a positive and professional image. Interacting with your patients in real-time can aid your company in expanding as you can retain the trust of the existing ones and make some new ones as well. 

Chat agents patiently answer the customer’s every question so that the latter can feel satisfied with the entire conversation. Moreover, they strive to create a positive patient experience.

4.   It is User-Friendly – Gone are those days when Phone and E-mail were the primary means to reach out to a company as now nobody wants to poke around a website for getting answers or keep calling for hours to get a reply. Regarding the same, live chat support proves to be the best middle ground that speaks just the language today’s patients wish to use. The fact that, 92% of the customers who have utilized live chat provide positive reviews and feedback is enough to put emphasis on its importance. 

Your prospective patients have used text and chat all their lives which make it the kind of experience that makes the most sense to them. In case you do not provide them ways that can make things easier for them, you will lose some great opportunities for gaining new patients. 

5.  It is Cost-Effective – Approximately two-thirds of the online clients are more likely to return to those websites that offer live chat as compared to the ones that do not. Live chat also opens up the chances of bringing the Chatbots into the mix. Chatbots are those computer programs which are designed for offering the human experience through chat sessions, thanks to the range of automated answers and FAQs. Patients stay connected to their required content on your site without the need of pulling away from your team from their additional duties. 

6.   It is Free – As the cost of the business is increasing at a fast pace, how can you turn down the opportunity of cost-free conversions and engagement? With everything you require for supporting your existent patients and attracting the new ones at your fingertips, you have every reason to introduce live chat into your dental website toady. Always remember that over 3-quarters of the Internet users forgo the use of sites that do not have the feature of live chat and that is why making the most out of live chat support should be your topmost priority.

7.  It creates a positive patient experience – Positive experience by any customer on the website accurately defines the difference between the nameless click and the new lead. Generating leads for dentists is not an easy task as, after a single negative experience, over 50% of the customers will never indulge in any deal with that firm again. Patients take the decisions of getting services from the company or clinic within a matter of seconds and that is why you should do everything in your power to retain them. 

Live chat support is a commendable tool for healthcare sector services. This sector is revamping the techniques for patient’s care to better the services and make the same more accessible to both the new and existing patients. Live chat has, time and again, proved its relevance and that is why it is the widely practiced option for a lot of healthcare companies to get better results. 

Approachable and quick client service holds major significance in the fast-paced age of the 21st century. Customers are looking for an effective answer to the queries from those companies that they plan to use or are currently using. Do not forget that increasing the rates of customer retention by a mere 5% can enhance the profits anywhere from 10% to 90%. Having a user-friendly site is a technique for ensuring your business’s growth. Through live chat, you offer the patients a lot more than just your clinic’s details as it ultimately transforms your site into the dynamic client service. This tool permits your company to extend the customer service through your website by – 

  • Answer to the general questions
  • Generating and converting leads from online visitors
  • Booking an appointment in advance
  • Stating the details about a particular treatment and its price
  • Rescheduling

Live chat support is the best option to help your practice bond with today’s Internet users who visit your site often on their Smartphone. It especially attracts those visitors who expect quick answers when it comes to your dental services and wishes to connect with the office online as well as on their suitable time. According to several reports, Millennials are ready to spend 21% also i.e., the most, for excellent customer care. 

Incredible customer service is vital for the dental business. The need for standing out from other dentist businesses is inevitable and it can be easily achieved by live chat support. Creating pleasant and easy experiences for the patients is also equally important which begins with a proper reception service. Over 60% of the adults have a firm belief in the fact that valuing their precious time is the best thing the company can offer them along with exceptional customer experience online. 

Forming the most wonderful first impressions through live chat support is relevant for the dental business’s growth as directing the call of a patient to the voicemail would only annoy them. Chat agents can help in scheduling the appointments or the follow-ups which can work well with maximum patients’ schedule. 

In terms of making the purchase or using the services, 64% of the population gives more importance to customer experience than the price. Live chat is the fastest lead generating tool for dentists that assist the patients in making well-informed decisions without any hassle.

   More Leads, More Patients – Isn’t it amazing that you can get 30% additional site leads for the dental services and treatment by only using the live chat software? Prospective dental patients generally opt for the first dental practice that makes them feel engaged and involved. Do not let the site visitors disappear to your competitor just because you were not accessible and employ the tool of live chat to enhance your customer traffic. 

  • Improving the Dental services – With the help of live chat, you can conveniently build the conversations over specific subjects like the particular type of dental treatment and feedback about your treatment or your site etc. You should always keep it in mind that your patients and visitors are the best sources of assessment.
  • Patient Satisfaction – A major objective of live chat is to assist the patient in proceeding to the next step whether it is for making an inquiry or booking an appointment. Not only it builds patient loyalty but also helps in improving the patient satisfaction rate. Live chat permits you to ease up the patients before they walk into the dental practice. 
  • Better ROI – By interacting with the online visitors, it becomes easy for you to reduce the bounce rate that ultimately results in a much greater ROI i.e., Return On Investment. 
  • Save Time – Needless to say, time is money for dental patients and practices. Live chat support helps in saving the patient’s time by obtaining the desired answers upfront rather than just waiting on the telephone or an e-mail reply. 

There is a reason behind the surging relevance of live chat in today’s healthcare sector as after having a positive experience with a firm, 77% of the customers would surely recommend the same to their family and friends. This is the high time for you to improve the balance sheet and patient satisfaction rate with the help of live chat support. While you offer quality services to the patients, you can also modify the bottom line by capturing patient analytics, communications, and scheduling in a single, full-service customer service and communications, handy tool kit. 

Providing expert dental services and decent patient support helps in keeping your practice competitive. Your staff, patients, dentists, and hygienists save time with the use of safe integrated communication tools for scheduling as well as treating patients and running the cost-effective, efficient dental practice.

Thanks to Live chat support, it has become really easy for you to now build a special profile for every patient. As they reach out to you and schedule the services, you are instantly provided with a plethora of information on their preferences and history with every chat encounter or scheduling. Using live chat, the patients are free to contact you on their preferred device via text messaging, online chat, or the e-mail ticket. According to over 68% of the customers, a friendly chat agent was an important factor to their pleasant service experience and that is why it is suggested to hire the ones who know how to deal with your patients. 

Make it simple for the patients to schedule or even reschedule the appointments, check about the dental problem with the staff or ask the billing questions with the help of live chat support. The process of lead generation for dentists is not an easy task but with the help of live chat, you can make this procedure easy and results-driven. Through an integrated Chat screen, you can easily view your pending calls or queries. Not only this, but you can also assign or prioritize the inquiries to professional and administrative staff or the chat agent. As a chat agent holds the capability of safely handling multiple sessions at a time, labor costs, as well as your time, is saved. In addition to this, approved and accurate messaging to the patients is provided. 

Round the clock, communication ensures that your patients can leave the Feedback Message

Even when the Chat agents are at their home, your site is still in a working mode, providing interactive callback and email ticketing opportunities. The interested site visitor or your patient can request the callback that is visible to the staff or agent through an organized screen. So, no more missed phone calls or emails. For more than 60% of the population out there, it is the resourcefulness or knowledge of a chat agent that leaves a great impression on them. You can conveniently configure the callback requests for triggering an alert to receive the notice of callback request, sender and the message.

When it comes to the benefits provided by live chat support to a dental website, the major ones include smooth customer service, immediate interactivity, and analytics without having you to crunch the numbers. 

Turn your site visitors into happy new patients

Employ the tool of live chat on your website as soon as possible and attract leads 24×7, engage them quickly, and transform more of them. While using live chat support, always keep it in mind that 60% of the leads have the habit of visiting a website in the afterhours and that is why your chat agents need to be there for them all the time. 

Ask yourself this question more often, are you tapping into all the possible inquiries you could get? In dentistry, the prospects evaluate your company as per the responsiveness. Regarding the same, your hired agents should be well-trained to deal with inquiries. Consider them as a part of your staff and tell them about your tone and voice. The specialist chat operators ensure the fact that every online visitor gets the customer support they deserve with absolute convenience. Live chat support is everything you wish to get for boosting your customer satisfaction rate and online sales in the dental industry.