Use Customer Service And Support 24/7 To Boost Productivity!

Use Customer Service And Support 24/7 To Boost Productivity!

Providing support round the clock can be very difficult. But the demand for 24/7 support is almost beyond its initial audiences and markets. It is the excellent way to increase the production line and add more customers to the company. Moreover, the move to 24/7 support is not so linear- one day you might cover 8, 10, 12 or 16 hours, the next it’s 24. It will also uplift the sale of an organization from 60% to 100% in less time.

Obviously, a company will offer the support in local time zones. Your developed market may already have an on-the-ground team that helps in handling clients easily. But it is suggested that firms should seed new markets by providing great support and building goodwill without appointing customer base in place. According to a report, 42% of customers said they never buy products with sales and support in other languages. The company may offer support as a component of a premium product, often the case with mid- and high-priced B2B services. This is easy to handle, as support becomes a profit center. Even the customers are prepared to pay for the effort of delivering the product to the doorstep.

Most challenging of all is the customers’ expectations. They expect that company should offer exclusive goods and services at an affordable cost so that they can feel satisfied and content. But it is not an easy task to perform. Indeed, online business today treat customer support as a business drive; a way to differentiate from the competitors and feed ideas back into the product roadmap. But the biggest challenge is minimizing the costs during the transition from a small business with one customer community to something more considerable.

But successful organizations see this transition not just as a challenge, but a chance to optimize their support function for the future. It is the best way by which companies can compete with other firms.

6 tips to boost the growth of an organization-

1. Maximize self-service- Self-service plays a crucial role in winning over the hearts of the customers. Moreover, all the companies should try to make an effective customer service and support that can look after all the clients properly. It even helps in enhancing customer’s relationship with the organization.

2. Think global from the outset- Companies should reduce complexity and increase scalability. They should see that all the departments, offices and agents are performing their duty sincerely. It is one of the reasons why big organizations are focusing more on their function and structure.

3. Learn the art of playbooks- To optimize the support function, it is vital to balance the customers those who are present locally as well as universally. With the help of playbook, an agent can look after all the customers easily without taking much time. Whether it is customer service and support or product management, a playbook defines their approach. With the help of such book, an agent can not only deal with international customers, but it even guides different ways of dealing new customers. They help in satisfying the new visitors in such a way that they feel delightful and would like to visit again.

4. Organize the technology- Organization must try to cut the cost of interaction, but it vital to meet the customer’s expectation across all channels. There was a time when companies used to appoint agents that can communicate with the customers properly, but with the arrival of the technology things took a drastic change. This tool helps in cutting the cost of the company.

5. Match the queries and channels to minimize the response time- Customer satisfaction is a function of customer expectation- and that’s something we have more control over than you might think. For example- if you are handling a lot of customers at a time and you are unable to manage all of them at once, then it is suggested to leave a message with an acknowledgment of receipt and mention the expected response time. This will help in building goodwill and customers will feel satisfied. Even the agents should try to resolve their customers query in less time so that they can feel happy. That is why it is suggested that all the hired agents should be given proper training so that they can have complete information about products and services.

Most of the people like to go for live chat, as it is a conversation in real-time. Customers can get assistance at any point in time. The agents try to assist the customers by looking after their problem and suggesting the best outcome.

6. Take help from everyone- Put service in the heat of your organization. Fundamentally, the 24/7 support challenge is one of the resources. It helps in getting n numbers of customers in less time. Most of the times customer would like to take assistance from the firms that offer round the clock service to their customers. It helps the customer in choosing the right product for them.

When the companies grow, their characters change. People become compartmentalized and focus only on their disciplines. But in today’s world, all the online companies are trying various things to get in touch with the customers globally. They offer excellent services round the clock so that customers feel delightful.

The support team should have a deep understanding of every aspect of the product.

This tool helps in gaining maximum profit by adding various customers to the organization. It is the best way to expand the business globally without any hassle. For instance, DeskMoz is one of the best online customer service providers that offer free trial services to its customers. All the customers can access free monthly services and learn about the pros and cons of the tool before investing in it. Even the agents are well trained and have all the information regarding various services and products. They assist the customers by giving a quick response in less time.

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