LiveChatInc Review: Is this the Ultimate Chat Tool for you?

In the past 14 years of our active service in the chat support industry, DeskMoz has had the fortune of getting to try & test all the renowned chat software available in the market. Just the way, the best person to ask the hands-on feedback of a car is a driver & for obvious reasons, not the manufacturer of that car or one of the competitors, DeskMoz, being a vintage chat service provider has often been approached by people seeking DeskMoz’s take on LiveChatInc (Yes, the brand brave enough to name itself after the application group it has thrived on).

For the sake of doing away the question, we have always been quoting our take on LiveChatInc in a phrase or two because we always knew that LiveChatInc, an online customer service software with a paid customer base of over 21,000 customers from 118 countries & flaunts 41 languages, undoubtedly deserves a more profound & critical analysis.

We’ve also compared LiveChatInc with the top 10 renowned chat software in a separate study. So, here is our take on LiveChaInc’s features:

Chat Tools:

LiveChatInc invests plenty of efforts in keeping the robust chat tool look & behave as simple as possible & this reflects well in its small learning curve.

Here is what we think about the LiveChatInc’s key Chat Tools’ Features:

i) Message Sneak Peek:

Sneak-peek has always been fondly appreciated by the customers but with this diligent feature by LiveChatInc gives the power of sneak-peaking in the hands of the businesses.

This feature allows you to read what is being typed by your customer on the messenger in real-time, which gives you ample amount of time to keep yourself ready with the response & leaving the customer in awe.

The other benefit of this feature is that you can mold your Live Chat support-stance on the basis of the difference in what the customer was typing & what he/she actually sent to you. In Customer Support, it is always an advantage to be able to figure out what customers would rather not tell.

ii) Canned Responses:

No matter which industry you are in, a large number of times the customer reach out to you with a similar set of questions & obviously, they expect the accurate answers in almost no-time. Well, that’s what the live chat for business is all about & that’s where the Canned Responses save your life.

With this interesting feature, you can put innumerable responses on the standby mode & mark them with a keyword so that whenever you need to give any of those responses to any of the customers, you can pull out the response by typing that keyword, prefixed with #.

Another great advantage of this feature is that it keeps your customer support quality intact even when a newbie is on the support team. With Canned Responses available, all he/she would need to ensure is using the right Canned Response to the right question.

It also may interest you to know that creating the new Canned Responses can be done right from the messenger-screen with the help of the option that appears in front of every message that you send.

iii) Visitor Information:

LiveChatInc allows you to completely customize the information you seek to collect from the customer beforehand to speed-up the response & giving you a way to circle back with the customer just in case the chat gets disconnected.

The Geo-Location appears by-default & for the other specific details that you would like to collect from the customers, you can mention them in the pre-chat survey form.

It is a great way to keep yourself focused only on delivering the seamless customer support experience.

iv) Chat Tagging:

You can access all the previous chats from the Archives tab & find the ones you are looking for using the following default criteria: Date, Agent & Rating, which is pretty good & in order to customize the further classification of the chats, you can tag each chat.

This feature is a great addition but only facilitates visual classification.

Maybe LiveChatInc would like to consider adding some additional features to the Tagging option. Once such feature could be to automatically update the specific Email address to which the tagged chat transcript should go.

v) Other Key Features: LiveChatInc offers plenty of other key features as well. Read how the features compare with the other 50 renowned chat software.

a) Chat Transferring: LiveChatInc allows transferring of the chats among the team members & this happens real quick & swift. You can even automate Chats of a particular department be handled by a particular Chat Agent & auto-assign of a visitor to the last Agent he/she interacted with. Now, that’s pretty cool.

b) File Sharing: The File Sharing feature of the LiveChatInc enables easy sharing of the files both ways. What we must appreciate is the file sharing feature with which the Visitors can even drag the files to the chat window & drop it there to share it with you. The attachment option is also there.


c) Transcript Emailing: The deep & strong Emailing system reflects pretty well on the vast range of Emailing option it provides to you. Every Chat Transcript can be automatically Emailed to the pre-defined Email addresses & additionally, can be manually Emailed to the Email addresses of the Chat Agent or the visitor or the both.

This LiveChatInc feature offers great convenience to you & to the visitors.

d) Previous Communication Referring: Yes, LiveChatInc lets you track if a visitor has chatted with you earlier & undoubtedly it improves the level of your customer experience a lot.

But, it could be inaccurate as well because LiveChatInc tracks the previous conversation on the IP Address the chats come from & it is quite possible that at different points of time, two different visitors chat from the same IP (say a College IP) or the same visitor chats from the two different IPs (say from the Office IP & the Home IP).

e) Customer Engagement: LiveChatInc plays great attention to the details & it mirrors on its customer engagement tactics.

All the messages reflect the delivered, read & typing status real-time to keep the customers’ interest intact in the chat. What else? Yes. the same information remains visible to you as well.

The Chat Tools part of the LiveChatInc features looks power-packed & has got one or another feature to meet your needs.

Reports & Analytics:

The of your website could be an invaluable resource to your business in many ways. The best chat tool is the one that offers easy, secured, classified & complete access to every single chat that you ever had with your visitors.

Let’s check how LiveChatInc performs on this criterion:

1) Summary Data: LiveChatInc features are well defined keeping their objectives in the mind.

You might not always want to set the criteria to pick up the statistics on the chats that took place just a couple of days back & LiveChatInc understands that pretty well.

LiveChatInc keeps this quick-report ready for you which is prepared for the last 7 days. It is of great help for you to get quick hold of the key data from the last 7 days.

2) Available Reports:

In 2 broad categories, LiveChatInc helps you generate the Chat Report & the Ticket Report & the specific data that you would like to generate, can be found under one of these.

i) Chat Report: Chat Report is your encyclopedia of every piece of information that you would like to generate related to the Chats. Every vague data related to chat that we tried to generate randomly, we completely found it under one of these sub-reports:

1)Total Chats

2) Chat Satisfaction

3) Chat Duration

4) Response Time

5) Staffing Prediction

6) Availability (Agent)

7) Agent Activity

8) Queued Visitors

9) Chat Surveys

The aforementioned reports clearly denote their purpose with their names.

For the following 2 reports, we would like to explain the purpose to you:

10. Goals: This insightful report by LiveChatInc lets you learn the complete details about the chats that met your desired effect. You can get the separate reports generated for each goal created by you, say sale or sign-up.

11. Sales Tracker: This report is a great reflector of the sales made over the defined time duration. Undoubtedly, this report gives you some valuable insights on how much you earn through the LiveChatInc.

ii) Ticket Report: Ticket report is your one-point solution to generating all the possible reports related to the Tickets that you created & handled for your visitors & the customers.

The wide range of sub-reports LiveChatInc generates is impressive:

1) New Tickets

2) Ticket Satisfaction

3) Tickets’ Response Time

4) Solved Tickets

5) Ticket Resolution Time

Again, the titles of the aforementioned sub-tickets state the reason they are used for, we have explained what the last one denotes:

6. Ticket Sources: In LiveChatInc, the tickets can be created through the ticket form, Emails or during the chat. This sub-report will help you get the numbers specifically or collectively under these categories.

The vastness of the categories could have adversely affected the length of the learning curve, but thanks to the appropriate Filters that let you be completely specific about what you are looking for.

The available filters are Time, Agent & Group.

Another great reporting feature is the Daily Summary, with which you can get a short daily summary of the daily chat count & their ratings Emailed to you.

The Reports & Analytics look pretty advanced yet simple. 5 Stars for that!


Along with a lean-mean WebApp, LiveChatInc has got diligent apps for Windows & Mac as well.

Although the apps for both the platforms look good, it should consider reaching out to the other platforms as well. Linux is no exception, right?

But, LiveChatInc definitely didn’t miss on the mobile presence. LiveChat’s mobile app look pretty amazing & are available for Android & iOS.

We hope, LiveChatInc has got some platform expansion plans in the pipeline.


For us, one of the criteria that helps understanding the cross-application performance of any app or tool is how easily & openly it integrates with the other apps, tools & services.

It may interest you to know that LiveChatInc integrates with over 90+ such apps, tools & services & one of these apps is Zapier! You know what we mean, right?

Yes, you got us. It means it integrates with all the apps available on Zapier, which is a 1000+ figure.

A live chat tool that integrates with over 1100 apps! What else? No, they don’t build rockets.


i) A vintage, sleek & smart online customer service tool in 41 languages with a customer base of over 21,000 customers from 118 countries.

ii) Easy set-up, small learning curve.

ii) Seamless customer support, 24/7.

iv) Easy plan upgrade-downgrade options.

v) Vast ticketing & Emailing options.

vi) The wide & impressive range of chat tool customization options.


i) With pricing starting from US$ 16/ per agent/ per month, LiveChatInc is definitely a little expensive for the StartUps & the SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses). The 30 days free trial is good to try-out but the unavailability of the Freemium version is also a downvote.

ii) If visual tagging would be dug a little deeper & its roots are connected with automation, this chat tool can actually be called a strong Oak tree.

iii) Apps are not available to non-mainstream platforms such as Linux.

DeskMoz’s Takeaway:

We have tried examining the LiveChatInc on every crucial criterion & can sum-up our review with this

If you are on the quest for the ultimate chat tool to provide prompt support to your visitors and impress them with the looks of a smart chat tool- LiveChatInc is your ‘go-to’.